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Sunday December 29th, 2019 1:00pm

NY Jets (6-9), (6-9) ATS, (1-6) AWAY, (2-5) ATS @ Buffalo Bills (10-5), (9-5-1) ATS, (4-3) HOME, (3-4) ATS                                             NYJ+1 ½

LW, BUFF+6 ½ was @NE on Saturday night looking to avenge their wk 4 loss in BUFF to NE, 16-10. In the first game the BUFF DEF held NE to 1TD and it looked like BUFF would come away with the victory. Unfortunately for BUFF, the DEF for NE was playing top notch and kept BUFF from getting any momentum to overcome NE and win the game. I liked BUFF this time around because it was a statement game and I thought BUFF would keep it very close if they lost. BUFF was up 17-13 going into the 4th qtr but NE scored a fg and a TD with a 2pt conversion that won the game 24-17, hence no cover by ½ a pt. The 2pt conversion was crucial. BUFF did have a chance to tie with a TD pass that just was a little high to receiver Dawson Knox in the end zone at the end of the game. He was open behind the defender and the pass was a little high but right on. This is the 2nd time in three seasons that HC Sean McDermott has BUFF in the playoffs. In 2017, they lost the wild card @JAGS, 10-3. LW, NYJ @HOME beat a PITT team that needed to win to control their own destiny in the playoff hunt. The score was 10-10 at halftime and PITT couldn’t get anything going in the 2nd half. NYJ kicked 2fgs and the final was NYJ 16-10. PITT had scored a big TD right at the end of the 2nd qtr and it looked like they would continue big in the 2nd half but, to no avail. Mistakes by PITT and tough DEF by NYJ prevailed. PITT QB Devlin Hodges was benched and Mason Rudolph came in and threw that big TD. L12 BUFF(H) vs NYJ, BUFF 6-6 SUATS. L20 BUFF vs NYJ, NYJ 11-9 SU & 10-10 ATS. L16 BUFF vs NYJ, NYJ 6-10 ATS. L20 BUFF vs NYJ, FAV 11-8 ATS, 1 PICK’EM. NYJ 41-35 ATS as a DOG in DEC. NYJ 27-27 ATS vs AFC EAST in DEC. NYJ 35-29 ATS AWAY in DEC. NYJ 6-12 ATS as a ROAD DOG 4<pts. BUFF 24-36 ATS @HOME in DEC. BUFF 33-31 ATS as a FAV in DEC. BUFF 26-27 ATS vs AFC EAST in DEC. BUFF is locked into the #5 seed in the AFC playoff picture. No matter what they do, they will be playing in the wild card weekend and playing on the road at #4 who right now is HOU. NYJ would like to finish on a high note after winning vs PITT and almost knocking them out of the playoffs. BUFF has stated that they will play their starters but, for how long? Why chance your starters for injuries in a game that no matter what, doesn’t change your playoff position? This is why I like NYJ here. BUFF will play their starters probably two series and then let the younger guys get reps. If a starter were to get injured in a game that absolutely means nothing, McDermott will get chastised and it will not be forgotten if it means that it’s one and done in the playoffs. Take NYJ here because they want to avenge the wk1 loss to BUFF and they want to end their down season on a high note. NYJ will be playing hard while BUFF will be playing soft.

THE PICK: NYJ+1 ½                                  3 STARS       

Cleveland Browns (6-9), (4-9-2) ATS, (2-5) AWAY, (2-5) ATS @ Cincinnati Bengals (1-14), (6-8-1) ATS, (1-6) HOME, (2-5) ATS                     CINNCY+2 ½  

LW, CINNCY was down @MIA 35-12 late in the 4th qtr when CINNCY woke up and went on a tear by 3TDS & 2-2pt conversions in the last 6:11 of the 4th qtr to tie the game at 35-35. MIA had gone to sleep but in OT, MIA kicked a fg at the end of regulation and won 38-35. CINNCY QB Andy Dalton had a great game but it was too little too late and MIA was playing prevent when they were leading by so much. CINNCY 3-2 ATS since 2007 after an OT SU loss. LW, CLEVE was @HOME playing BALT. BALT was complacent for most of the 1st half and still CLEVE couldn’t capitalize on it. BALT stepped up but at times it seemed that BALT was just toying with them before they put in for the kill. It was payback for the loss CLEVE gave BALT in wk 4 @BALT. But for CLEVE to be successful, Mayfield must cut down on his mistakes. There is just too much talent on this team for CLEVE to be a loser. L12 CLEVE@CINNCY, CINNCY 9-3 SU & 6-5-1 ATS. L16 CLEVE vs CINNCY, CIINCY 8-5-3 ATS. L25 CINNCY vs CLEVE, DOG 13-9-3 ATS. L25 CINNCY vs CLEVE, CINNCY 12-10-3 ATS. L12 CINNCY vs CLEVE, CINNCY 8-2-2 ATS. CLEVE 2-5 ATS L7 as a ROAD FAV. CLEVE 12-22-3 ATS vs AFC NORTH in DEC. CLEVE 6-12-2 ATS as a FAV in DEC. CLEVE 23-27 ATS AWAY in DEC. CLEVE 6-2 ATS as a ROAD FAV off SU loss. CLEVE 1-9 ATS AWAY vs div opp w/revenge. CLEVE 1-10-1 ATS vs div opp w/revenge. CLEVE 1-11-1 ATS in gms 13-16 vs <500 div opp. CLEVE 1-8 ATS in gms 13-16 vs div opp w/revenge. CLEVE 1-9-1 ATS off SU div loss. CINNCY 9-8 ATS L17 as a HOME DOG. CINNCY 44-27 ATS @HOME in DEC. CINNCY 41-36-2 ATS as a DOG in DEC. CINNCY 23-24-2 ATS vs AFC NORTH in DEC. CINNCY 15-15-1 ATS after an SU loss & playing @HOME. These two teams played in wk 14 @CLEVE with CLEVE winning 27-19. CLEVE was-8 and should have beaten CINNCY by at least 10 points but CLEVE wasn’t playing with any urgency and Mayfield had 2INTS. CINNCY may want some revenge here but CLEVE better play with some passion not to fall to a team that is very bad and almost winless. This game is for pride and CLEVE has to do whatever they can to win big. HC Freddie Kitchens is on thin ice and may not be back in 2020. He has a talented bunch but he was not able to transform that into W’s. CLEVE players may know that there may be a change coming and may want to give it their all for Kitchens. This is a game that CLEVE cannot lose especially to a team that has been so bad this season. Lay the points here as CLEVE rebounds from their loss @HOME to BALT. Mayfield & CO put on a show and make it a clean sweep for the battle of Ohio.

THE PICK: CLEVE-2 ½                             5 STARS

GB Packers (12-3), (10-5) ATS, (5-2) AWAY, (5-2) ATS @ Detroit Lions (3-11-1), (4-10-1) ATS, (2-5) HOME, (2-5) ATS                               DET+12 ½  

On MNF, GB & Aaron Rodgers took care of business @MINN. GB RB Aaron Jones rushed for 154 yds & 2TDS. GB had three turnovers but MINN didn’t take full advantage of them and GB was able to settle down and scored 20 unanswered points vs MINN while holding MINN scoreless in the 2nd half. With the win on MNF by GB, they can secure the #2 spot in the NFC playoffs and a bye with a win over DET this weekend. If SF losses @SEA, GB would move into the #1 spot coupled with their win over DET. GB has already said that they will play their starters @DET. LW, DET had a 10-0 lead on DEN @DEN. I liked DET in this game getting +7 but DEN had other ideas. DET was leading 17-13 but DET stopped playing and DEN scored 2TDS to make the final score 27-17, no cover. DET has had a disastrous season and not having QB Matt Stafford made their season even worse because even if DET didn’t win games, Stafford at least kept the team aggressive. Without him, DET hasn’t even been competitive. The DEF for DET has been atrocious as well and after being #10 TOT DEF in 2018, they have sunk to #29 TOT DEF in 2019. The fact that the DET owner has already stated that HC Matt Patricia will be back for 2020 maybe gives him a chance to resurrect the ship. We’ll see. L12 GB@ DET, GB 7-5 SUATS. L25 GB vs DET, GB 17-8 SU & 12-12-1 ATS. L16 GB vs DET, HOME 7-8-1 ATS. GB 9-9 ATS L18 as a ROAD FAV. GB 4-10 ATS L14 in 2nd of BB RG’s. GB 36-29 ATS AWAY in DEC. GB 34-28 ATS vs NFC NORTH in DEC. GB 58-32-1 ATS as a FAV in DEC. GB 6-7 ATS L13 as a ROAD FAV 6>pts. GB 4-5 ATS L9 after MNF. GB 20-7-1 ATS L28 after div gm. GB 2-6 ATS after SU DOG win. GB 1-4 ATS L5 after MINN. DET 8-15 ATS L23 as a HOME DOG. DET 39-40-1 ATS as a DOG in DEC. DET 28-29 ATS @HOME in DEC. DET 27-25-1 ATS vs NFC NORTH in DEC. DET 9-0 ATS as a DD DOG off BB SU losses vs opp off SU win. DET 11-0 ATS as a DOG >10pts off BB SU losses vs opp off SU win. DET 2-7 ATS as a DOG vs opp off DD SU win. The first half of this game will have GB going full charge to make sure that they have a nice big lead in this game and that there is no doubt that they will win. When they have secured the big lead, the 2nd team will come in and make sure that they don’t lose. The DEF for GB will stay tough because they cannot show weaknesses that playoff teams may be able to take advantage of later. DEN rushed for 150 yds vs DET. GB should run all day vs the DET DEF. Lay the points here as GB thrashes DET and DET ends the season on a nine game losing streak and GB gets a week off to prepare for the playoffs.

THE PICK: GB-12 ½                                   3 STARS        

LA Chargers (5-10), (4-11) ATS, (3-4) AWAY, (3-4) ATS @ KC Chiefs (11-4), (9-6) ATS, (4-3) HOME, (3-4) ATS                                             LAC+9

LW, on SNF @CHI, KC won their game with ease again, 26-3. It was game where two teams looked like they were going in opposite directions. KC was toying with CHI and CHI looked lost for most of the game. KC has won the AFC WEST and is currently in the #3 seed position for the AFC playoffs. If they win their game and NE loses, KC would be the #2 and get a 1st round bye. LW, LAC was HOME vs OAK and you would have thought that it was an OAK HOME game. Why anyone would have had LAC-7 is beyond me. I liked OAK getting +7 because OAK was on a rebound after blowing it @HOME vs JAGS. I knew OAK would put it together vs LAC. Let’s face it, LAC & QB Philip Rivers doesn’t scare anyone. Rivers has been in a freefall this whole season with his 18INTS. He is not signed past this season and LAC should say good riddance. He’s completely overrated and personally cost LAC some wins. The DEF for LAC has been a let down this season as well. So now for the final game they play @KC who still has something to play for and will probably play hard well into the 4th qtr. L12 KC(H) vs LAC, KC 6-6 SU & 5-7 ATS. L19 KC vs LAC, DOG 12-7 ATS. L25 KC vs LAC, ROAD 17-8 ATS. L13 KC vs LAC, KC 10-3 SU & 9-4 ATS. KC 35-26 ATS @HOME in DEC. KC 38-30 ATS as a FAV in DEC. KC 37-25 ATS vs AFC WEST in DEC. KC 5-10 ATS @HOME vs <.500 div opp. KC 5-13 ATS as a div HOME FAV vs <.500 opp. LAC 28-33 ATS vs AFC WEST in DEC. LAC 29-30 ATS as a DOG in DEC. LAC 34-25 ATS AWAY in DEC. LAC 8-3 ATS w/rev off DD ATS loss. LAC 24-6-1 ATS as a ROAD DOG >4pts since 2004. KC has something to play for and that’s what is interesting about this game. LAC has nothing to play for and guys certainly don’t want to get hurt in a meaningless game for them and spend the off-season rehabbing. KC will look to fine tune their OFF in this game and get things rolling so that they are ready for either wild card weekend or the following weekend if they get a bye. LAC will be long gone in the 2nd half. If KC @HOME can’t beat LAC then, how will they fare in the playoffs? Lay the points here as KC rolls and LAC rolls out.

THE PICK: KC-9                                         5 STARS   

Chicago Bears (7-8), (5-10) ATS, (3-4) AWAY, (2-5) ATS @ Minnesota Vikings (10-5), (7-7-1) ATS, (6-1) HOME, (3-3-1) ATS                        CHI+1

On MNF, MINN was a total letdown. This was a game that MINN could have made a statement vs GB and let them know that they cannot be pushed around anymore. Instead, MINN came out lame and stayed lame. MINN QB Kirk Cousins was sacked 5x, including 3 ½ sacks by GB LB Za’Darius Smith. The OFF for MINN was stagnant and had a total of 139 yds with 7 1st downs. In other words, pathetic. MINN RBs Dalvin Cook & Alexander Mattison were both out and RB Mike Boone was the starting RB. Cook is questionable for this game but MINN should not use him unless totally necessary. On the other side, the MINN DEF could not stop the GB run game which rushed for 184 yds & 2TDS. GB OFF had 22 1st downs. MINN was leading 10-3 in the 2nd qtr but did not score another point and lost 23-10. MINN is locked into the 6th seed going forward for the NFC playoffs no matter what they do this SUN vs CHI. On SNF, CHI came up lame @HOME vs KC, 26-3. This could be the last game for QB CHI QB Mitch Trubisky in a CHI uniform. KC was just toying with CHI and the score could have been a lot worse. Trubisky seems nervous and not comfortable at the QB position especially when there is pressure. Also, he has not progressed as an NFL QB. I never thought he was worth the draft spot because he was only a starter for one season in college. Plus, he has not gotten the right kind of coaching in CHI that he needs to get better at the NFL level. CHI should start looking for another QB. This team has also regressed on DEF from 2018. Vic Fangio was the CHI DC in 2018 when they were beating everyone like gangbusters and they were the #3 TOT DEF in the NFL. This season the CHI DEF hasn’t scared anyone. Chuck Pagano is the CHI DC in 2019 and they are beating no one. The DEF for CHI has certainly regressed. L12 MINN(H) vs CHI, MINN 9-3 SU & 7-5 ATS. L25 MINN vs CHI, HOME 16-8 ATS 1NL. MINN 7-2 ATS L9 in 2nd of BB HG’s. MINN 32-28-1 ATS @HOME in DEC. MINN 29-36-1 ATS as a FAV in DEC. MINN 24-26-1 ATS vs NFC NORTH in DEC. MINN 10-3 ATS after GB. MINN 1-6 ATS off DD ATS loss vs div opp. MINN 9-3 ATS in gms 13-16 as a FAV <8pts or DOGS vs div off HOME gm. CHI 19-40 ATS AWAY in DEC. CHI 26-46 ATS as a DOG in DEC. CHI 27-32 ATS vs NFC NORTH in DEC. CHI 1-5 ATS as a DIV DOG <7pts vs opp w/rev. CHI 1-12 ATS in gms 13-16 vs .500>opp off SU loss. Both of these teams are coming off disappointing losses but none more than MINN. MINN doesn’t want to go limping into the playoffs and wants to be able to move forward on a positive note because for MINN the road to the SuperBowl will be three road games. These two teams met in wk 4 at CHI with CHI winning 16-6. After that game MINN had a little blowup with its players and they had been playing a lot better since. But MINN has lost @KC, @SEA & MNF vs GB. Those are all playoff teams. Kirk Cousins is 0 for MNF. He needs to get that monkey off his back but that will be in 2020. For this game, I like MINN @HOME to bounce back and right the ship if not temporarily before heading on the road for the playoffs. Lay the point here.

THE PICK: MINN-1                                    3 STARS      

Miami Dolphins (4-11), (8-7) ATS, (1-6) AWAY, (4-3) ATS @ NE Patriots (12-3), (9-6) ATS, (6-1) HOME, (4-3) ATS                                         MIA+15 ½

LW, MIA @HOME was leading CINNCY 35-12 late in the 4th qtr. If you were watching that game it’s only because you had money on it or because you are a die hard CINNCY or MIA fan. But, if you turned off the set, you would have heard that MIA went to sleep and CINNCY woke up really fast and the game went into OT where MIA got a fg at the buzzer to win 38-35. MIA did cover the 1pt that they were laying but it was close. MIA 1-4 ATS since 2007 off SU OT win. In sports, you can’t give the other team any kind of hope if you want to win. MIA QB Ryan Fitzpatrick will probably be playing his last game as the MIA QB so he would like nothing more than beating NE. MIA has been stripped of their stars in lieu of draft choices and a total rebuild in the off-season. But who says they can’t give NE a little scare in this game? LW on Saturday, NE @HOME was trailing BUFF 17-13 going into the 4th qtr. NE clamped down on BUFF and NE scored a fg, 1TD & an all important 2pt conversion which made the final score NE 24-17. NE was laying 6 ½ and I like BUFF getting the points because I felt that they would certainly keep it close. BUFF had a great shot at almost tying the game but BUFF QB Josh Allen’s pass in the end zone to a wide open receiver was just a little high. It was right on the money but NE could breathe a little easier because the game was won. The DEF for NE certainly kept BUFF in check but the team in general will need to bring something extra if they want to get back to the SuperBowl. At times the OFF has been erratic and not dependable like in years past. This game is not a litmus test because MIA has been so bad. Don’t be surprised if NE pulls some of their starters if the game is a blowout. L12 NE(H) vs MIA, NE 11-1 SU & 8-4 ATS. L15 MIA vs NE, HOME 13-2 ATS. L19 NE vs MIA, NE 12-7 ATS. L16 NE vs MIA, NE 9-7 ATS. MIA 24-40 ATS vs AFC EAST in DEC. MIA 22-34 ATS AWAY in DEC. MIA 28-25 ATS as a DOG in DEC. MIA 5-14-1 ATS after allowing 35>pts. MIA 3-6 ATS after scoring 35>pts. MIA 12-4 ATS as a DOG 2>pts vs opp off BB SUATS wins. MIA 1-9 ATS as a DOG >2pts after allowing 35>pts. NE 10-2-1 ATS in 2nd of BB HG’s. NE 9-2-1 ATS as a FAV >4pts in 2nd of BB HG’s. NE 37-22 ATS vs AFC EAST in DEC. NE 49-41 ATS as a FAV in DEC. NE 37-22 ATS @HOME in DEC. NE 24-25-1 ATS L50 as a FAV 11>pts. NE 19-12-3 ATS as a HOME FAV 7>pts. If NE wins this game they will get the bye and be the #2 seed so, there is something for NE to play for. But, they will not go all out as they don’t need to have some of their stars get hurt. There is no doubt in my mind that NE wins this game but the margin of victory will be a lot smaller than the spread suggests. If NE is up by more than seven towards the latter part of the 4th qtr, they will run the ball. They will not run up the score. I like MIA here with the points because they will fight like hell to knock NE a little lower in the pecking order for the AFC playoffs. NE would like the bye so that guys on the team can get healthy and they will be ready for whoever they play come the divisional round. But, I like them to win with a smaller margin of victory. I don not see a blowout here by NE. Take the points as Fitzpatrick brings a little magic and excitement to a game that means really nothing for MIA.

THE PICK: MIA+15 ½                               5 STARS

Atlanta Falcons (6-9), (6-9) ATS, (3-4) AWAY, (3-4) ATS @ TB Bucs (7-8), (6-7-2) ATS, (2-5) HOME, (0-5-2) ATS                                          ATL+1 ½

LW, ATL was @HOME vs JAGS. ATL built up a nice lead 17-3 at halftime and coasted the rest of the way for a 24-12 win. ATL is on a three game win streak but for ATL it may have been too little too late even to save ATL HC Dan Quinn’s job. However, it has been announced that Quinn will be back for 2020. So he may be able to build off this winning streak. ATL has been bad the last two seasons and the DEF for ATL which was pretty bad for most of the season is now #19. LW, TB QB Jameis Winston single handily lost the game for TB vs HOU. Winston threw 4INTS and it’s amazing that TB only lost by 3pts, 23-20. Needless to say, Winston leads the NFL with 28 INTS. TB had a chance to win it but Winston’s INT at the end of the game that stopped it from happening. But, HOU is a very conservative team and let TB hang around this game. Winston is questionable for this game with a thumb injury on his throwing hand and a knee injury, so we’ll see if he suits up. L12 ATL @TB, ATL 7-5 SU & 5-6-1 ATS. L18 ATL vs TB, FAV 10-7-1 ATS. L17 ATL vs TB, HOME 9-7-1 ATS. ATL 27-30 ATS vs NFC SOUTH in DEC. ATL 35-33 ATS AWAY In DEC. ATL 30-31 ATS as a DOG in DEC. TB 6-8-1 ATS in 2nd of BB HG’s. TB 28-30 ATS vs NFC SOUTH in DEC. TB 32-33-2 ATS @HOME in DEC. TB 23-27-1 ATS as a FAV in DEC. TB 6-1 ATS as a HOME FAV 3<pts vs opp off SU win. This game for ATL is to avenge the loss that TB put on ATL in wk 12, 35-22. This was after ATL had squeezed NO 26-9 & CAR 29-3. Most people probably got duped into thinking that ATL would continue their roll. Well, they flopped vs TB and now it’s payback for ATL to finish their season on a high note. As for TB they are without some key guys and Winston continues his INTs with a couple here. This is almost a PICK’EM game but I like ATL to win outright because they have better OFF weapons. Now that ATL knows that Quinn will be around for 2020, the team will probably win this one big and shake their heads thinking what might have been if they started out on the right foot instead of losing so many and basically burying the season. TB probably would like to finish at least at .500 but the ATL OFF will be tough to stop.  

THE PICK: ATL+1 ½                                  5 STARS

NO Saints (12-3), (10-5) ATS, (6-1) AWAY, (6-1) ATS @ Carolina Panthers (5-10), (6-8-1) ATS, (2-5) HOME, (2-4-1) ATS                             CAR+13

LW, CAR was @INDY and there wasn’t really a game going on if you are a CAR fan. INDY won 38-6 and CAR basically threw in the towel. It was a great game for INDY but not much to say for CAR. CAR has lost seven straight games and been blown out in three of those games. Then on top of it, they play a NO team that still has something to play for. LW, NO went to TENN and did what they had to do. A lot of people liked TENN in that game but, I liked NO because they are playing for something more than just a great record. NO needs to win to possibly move up the seed line. Right now they are #3 NFC seed but with a SF loss and GB loss they would be #1. This is why CAR should be very afraid. This is also a good tuning game for NO because CAR has absolutely nothing to play for and certainly does not want to get people injured. L12 NO @CAR, NO 6-6 SU & 5-7 ATS. L25 NO vs CAR, NO 13-12 SU & 11-14 ATS. L13 NO vs CAR, NO 9-4 ATS. NO 14-14 ATS L28 as a ROAD FAV. NO 7-5 ATS L12 in 2nd of BB RG’s. NO 33-28 ATS AWAY in DEC. NO 33-42 ATS as a FAV in DEC. NO 27-34 ATS vs NFC SOUTH in DEC. NO 4-9 ATS as a DIV ROAD FAV 2>pts. NO 5-22 ATS vs opp off SU loss 14>pts. NO 1-5 ATS off BB SU wins vs opp w/revenge. NO 11-2 ATS as a FAV 7>pts off BB SU wins vs opp w/revenge. NO 3-6 ATS as div ROAD FAV >3pts. CAR 7-9-1 ATS L17 as a HOME DOG. CAR 33-21 ATS @HOME in DEC. CAR 32-19 ATS vs NFC SOUTH in DEC. CAR 35-22 ATS as a DOG in DEC. CAR 13-5 ATS @HOME off SUATS loss. CAR 8-5 ATS w/div revenge. CAR 7-4 ATS as a div DOG >1pt w/revenge. CAR 1-6 ATS off DD SU loss vs non-conf opp. CAR 1-6 ATS @HOME off DD SU loss vs non-conf opp. CAR 3-10 ATS vs div opp off non-div gm. These two teams met in wk 12 @NO and CAR was a stronger team at that time. Plus, CAR was 5-5 and actually playing for something and Ron Rivera was still the coach. He is now long gone and the team is going to be re-evaluated at every position. QB Cam Newton is certainly a goner. This may be the last game for CAR TE Greg Olsen. Lay the points as these are two teams going in opposite directions and NO would like to get that bye and will do everything in their power to get it. Last week, NO beat a TENN team by 10pts that is certainly better than CAR. NO should score as much as possible to ensure that they gave it their best to try to secure a higher seed with a bye.

THE PICK: NO-13                                      3 STARS

Sunday December29th, 2019 4:00pm

Washington Redskins (3-12), (6-9) ATS, (2-5) AWAY, (4-3) ATS @ Dallas Cowboys (7-8), (8-7) ATS, (4-3) HOME, (4-3) ATS                          WASH+11

LW, WASH was involved in a seesaw battle @HOME vs NYG. WASH QB Dwayne Haskins was injured and will not be playing this week. QB Case Keenum came in and almost led WASH to a win. QB Case Keenum knows the system and will be ready for this week. The game vs NYG went to OT with NYG getting the ball and not stopping until they got a td which ended the game 41-35. WASH 3-1 ATS since 2007 after an SU OT loss. I’m sure that WASH RB Adrian Peterson would like nothing better than to play spoiler vs DAL in their attempt to make the playoffs. LW, WASH could not stop NYG Saquon Barkley who rushed 22x for 189 yds & 1TD. NYG QB Daniel Jones also passed for 5TDS. Neither team had a turnover but WASH could not stop NYG. NYG was up 35-21 going into the 4th qtr but WASH engineered 2TD drives to tie the game and send it to OT. LW, DAL came up lame @PHILLY after destroying LAR in DAL the week before. PHILLY won 17-9. With all the momentum and everything to gain, DAL RB Ezekial Elliott rushed for only 13x for 47 yards. DAL could not muster up a single TD and QB Dak Prescott was terrible. The DEF for DAL was terrible too and they squandered a chance to take control of the NFC EAST. It’s all or nothing this week for DAL but, HC Jason Garrett is not one of those rah rah guys and when it comes to being backed into a corner he can’t get out. This will be a tough game for DAL because they will underestimate WASH and their desire to take down DAL. DAL DEF has been a disappointment. L12 WASH @DAL, WASH 4-8 SU but 9-3 ATS. L21 WASH vs DAL, WAS 12-9 ATS. L25 WASH vs DAL, WASH 15-10 ATS. L21 WASH vs DAL, DOG 13-8 ATS. WASH 26-36 ATS vs NFC EAST in DEC. WASH 36-28 ATS AWAY in DEC. WASH 36-31 ATS as a DOG in DEC. WASH 7-12-1 L20 after NYG. WASH 9-1 ATS L10 off SU FAV loss. DAL 24-44-1 ATS as a FAV in DEC. DAL 27-30 ATS vs NFC EAST in DEC. DAL 25-25-1 ATS @HOME in DEC. DAL 5-14 SU & 6-13 ATS in gm 16 since 2000. DAL 0-8 ATS as a HOME FAV off SU DIV loss. DAL 2-9 ATS @HOME after DD ATS loss. If DAL does not win this game and they do not make the playoffs, HC Jason Garrett will certainly be fired come Monday. He is the worst HC but, who will fill in as the new puppet in DAL? DAL will win this game but it will be by a fg because WASH always plays DAL tough in DAL. Even though WASH has had a terrible season, they would love nothing more than beating DAL and knocking them out of the playoffs. Plus, the spread on this game is too big to ignore. Take the points here as WASH HC Bill Callahan will bring out all the tricks to stop DAL from going further. Don’t be surprised if WASH QB Case Keenum has a very good game.

THE PICK: WASH+11                                5 STARS    

Oakland Raiders (7-8), (7-8) ATS, (2-5) AWAY, (3-4) ATS @ Denver Broncos (6-9), (9-6) ATS, (4-3) HOME, (5-2) ATS                                    OAK+3 ½

LW, OAK didn’t disappoint @LAC. OAK was +7 and I knew that LAC & QB Philip Rivers would not get it together. OAK was steaming after they lost their last HOME game forever as the OAK RAIDERS. OAK QB Derek Carr had an almost perfect game going 26/30 for 291 yds, 1TD, 0INTS. The OAK DEF also came up big keeping the LAC running game to 19yds. OAK shot out to 21-7 lead and watched as LAC tried to comeback but, to m avail and OAK won 24-17. OAK RB DeAndre Washington had a decent day rushing for 85 yards as Josh Jacobs was out. Jacobs is questionable for this game. LW, DEN spotted DET a 10-0 lead. I liked DET+7 just to keep the game close and DET was winning 17-13 going into the 4th qtr. But, DEN scored 2TDS and DET scored 0pts for a DEN 27-17 win. DEN QB Drew Lock has looked decent and imagine how much better he could be if he had a whole training camp as the #1 QB. Joe Flacco is probably gone after the season. Lock is 3-1 in his four games as the starter so DEN should have a bright future ahead of them in 2020. These two teams met in wk 1 @OAK on MNF with OAK winning 24-16. L12 OAK @DEN, OAK 5-7 SU but 7-5 ATS. L25 OAK vs DEN, ROAD 14-11 ATS. L17 OAK vs DEN, DEN 10-7 ATS. OAK 8-7 ATS L15 in 2nd of BB RG’s. OAK 25-38 ATS vs AFC WEST in DEC. OAK 21-42 ATS AWAY in DEC. OAK 29-53-1 ATS as a DOG in DEC. OAK 5-12 ATS off SU DOG win vs conf opp. OAK 6-3 ATS L9 after LAC. DEN 7-6 ATS L13 in 2nd of BB HG’s. DEN 25-33 ATS vs AFC WEST in DEC. DEN 26-30 ATS @HOME in DEC. DEN 36-42 ATS as a FAV in DEC. DEN 3-9 ATS as a DIV HOME FAV 6<pts. DEN 6-2 ATS as a FAV off non-div gm vs opp off SU DOG win. DEN 1-11 ATS in gms 13-16 off SU win vs div opp off SU win. Both of these teams have a long way to go before they are considered contenders. OAK may have a hard time adjusting to their new home in Las Vegas in 2020 but HC Jon Gruden is there to make sure that the transition runs smoothly and that RAIDER football is moving in the right direction. I like OAK here because OAK would like to go out winning their last game as the OAK RAIDERS and I’m sure Gruden is giving a lot of speeches about pride, team, etc. I like this game to be close and I like Carr in this situation to deliver. The OAK DEF must put pressure on Lock if they want to win this game. Take the points as OAK should win outright.

THE PICK: OAK+3 ½                                 5 STARS     

Arizona Cardinals (5-9-1), (10-5) ATS, (3-4) AWAY, (6-1) ATS @ LA Rams (8-7), (9-5-1) ATS, (4-3) HOME, (4-3) ATS                                 ARZ+4 ½

LW, ARZ took care of SEA @SEA like I knew they would. ARZ had nothing to play for but, no matter what their record, they have always played SEA @SEA very tough. I liked ARZ +9 ½ on top of it and ARZ had a shot at winning outright because of injuries to SEA. Then when players went down during the game for SEA, it just made the argument for ARZ even better. But ARZ put on a show on both sides of the ball and put SEA in a desperate playoff seed situation. ARZ has a lot of positives to end this season but they need to build on them for 2020. ARZ Kenyon Drake lit up SEA for 166 yds rushing 1TD on 24 touches. He has been a welcome addition to the team since coming over mid season from MIA. He takes a lot of pressure off of QB Kyler Murray who has improved since the beginning of the season but still has a lot to learn. Final score, ARZ 27-13. LW, LAR still had a shot at the playoffs after losing the week before to DAL. On Saturday night, LAR lost to SF 34-31. This is a game where LAR was up 21-10 but let SF come back and overtake them. It didn’t help that LAR QB Jared Goff threw a PICK6 that swung the momentum of the game for SF. LAR was getting 6 ½ and I mistakenly thought they were eliminated from the playoffs. If I knew they still had a shot I would have taken LAR. But this season has been a disappointment for LAR not to make the playoffs after getting to the SuperBowl in 2018. There certainly will be some roster moves in the off season as there are also layers that are impending free agents. These two teams met in wk 13 @ARZ and LAR put a whopping on ARZ 34-7. It wasn’t even that close as LAR dominated the game from beginning to end. L12 LAR(H) vs ARZ, LAR 5-7 SUATS. L25 LAR vs ARZ, LAR 12-13 SUATS. L17 LAR vs ARZ, ROAD 11-6 ATS. LAR 22-35 ATS @HOME in DEC. LAR 27-35 ATS vs NFC WEST in DEC. LAR 31-29 ATS as a FAV in DEC. LAR 4-13 ATS vs opp off SU DOG win. LAR 3-9 ATS in gms 13-16 @HOME vs div opp off SU win. ARZ 7-6 ATS L13 in 2nd of BB RG’s. ARZ 33-22 ATS vs NFC WEST in DEC. ARZ 46-37 ATS as a DOG in DEC. ARZ 28-28 ATS AWAY in DEC. LAR HC Sean MCvay has said that he will play his team to win the game and play his starters but, for how long, no one knows. He then said that the starters may not play the whole game. This leads me to believe that he will use a lot of backups in the game. ARZ QB Kyler Murray is questionable for this game after pulling a hamstring and leaving the game @SEA LW. Right now Brett Hundley who replaced Murray in @SEA is listed as the QB but Murray wants to play. That will be decided on by the end of the week. ARZ LB Chandler Jones has 19.0 sacks and is in range to break Michael Strahans record of 22 ½. LAR QB Jared Goff has only been sacked 21x so, Jones has his work cut out for him. LAR would like to finish the season above .500 and leave the coliseum with a win. I like LAR here even though a sweep of a team in the division is tough but there are guys on LAR that are still playing for jobs and future contracts. Lay the points here.

THE PICK: LAR-4 ½                                  5 STARS     

Philadelphia Eagles (8-7), (6-9) ATS, (3-4) AWAY, (3-4) ATS @ NY Giants (4-11), (7-8) ATS, (2-5) HOME, (2-5) ATS                                    NYG+4 ½

LW, NYG were in seesaw battle with WASH @WASH. NYG were actually up 35-21 in the 4th qtr but let WASH catch up and tie the game. The game went into OT but NYG prevailed 41-35. NYG 2-3 ATS since 2007 off SU OT win. NYG QB Daniel Jones passed for 5TDS & 0INTS & RB Saquon Barkley rushed 22x for 189yds & 1TD. There were no turnovers by NYG. NYG OFF played a flawless game but the DEF has a lot to be desired. Hopefully for NYG fans the DEF will be addressed in the off-season. LW, PHILLY did what they had to do @HOME vs DAL. PHILLY won 17-9 and they held DAL to 3fgs. PHILLY has a lot of guys injured but they made due and beat DAL. But on top of that, PHILLY was helped by suspect play calling by DAL. PHILLY RB Miles Sanders rushed 20x for 79 yds & 1TD. PHILLY did not turn the ball over which helped their cause tremendously. PHILLY knows what’s at stake but they know that this game will not be a pushover by any means. I think this game will be tougher than LW vs DAL. L12 NYG(H) vs PHILLY, NYG 3-9 SU & 4-8 ATS. L25 NYG vs PHILLY, DOG 16-8-1 ATS. L25 NYG vs PHILLY, ROAD 15-9-1 ATS. NYG 9-17 ATS L26 as a HOME DOG. NYG 43-26 ATS as a DOG in DEC. NYG 32-28 ATS vs NFC EAST in DEC. NYG 35-26 ATS @HOME in DEC. NYG 8-3 ATS L11 after WASH. NYG 11-5 ATS as a DIV DOG 4>pts. NYG 2-10 ATS L12 after allowing 35>pts. NYG 9-3 ATS off SU DOG win vs opp off SU DOG win. NYG 10-3 ATS @HOME off SU DOG win vs opp off SU DOG win. PHILLY 8-17 ATS L25 as a ROAD FAV. PHILLY 36-36 ATS as a FAV in DEC. PHILLY 36-26 ATS vs NFC EAST in DEC. PHILLY 25-38 ATS AWAY in DEC. PHILLY 4-7 AT L11 after DAL. PHILLY 1-6 ATS as a ROAD FAV off DD ATS win. PHILLY 1-6 ATS as a ROAD FAV 3>pts off DD ATS win. There is a little revenge for NYG because in wk 14 @PHILLY, NYG were up 17-3 at halftime and didn’t close the door on PHILLY. PHILLY scored 2TDS in the 2nd half while the OFF for NYG went to sleep. The game went to OT and PHILLY came away with a win 23-17. That was a game that Eli Manning was playing great but again suspect play calling in the 2nd half by NYG let PHILLY back in it. Moving forward, nothing would satisfy the NYG & their brass more by knocking PHILLY out of the playoff picture. It would be great for NYG even though HC Pat Shurmur has been a disaster for NYG and may not be around for 2020. He has never been known for his QB grooming skills and Jones needs someone that can get him to the next level of skills if there is one for him. Even if NYG wins this game HC Pat Shurmur should be gone, he’s terrible. PHILLY needs to win this game outright to even be considered for the playoffs and wildcard weekend. There is motivation on both sides of the ball here but I like NYG playing spoiler or even keeping it close. NYG Daniel Jones is not afraid to take chances because frankly, he doesn’t know any better and he’s got nothing to lose here. Take the NYG & the points.

THE PICK: NYG+4 ½                                 5 STARS 

Indianapolis Colts (7-8), (8-6-1) ATS, (2-5) AWAY, (4-2-1) ATS @ Jacksonville Jags (5-10), (6-9) ATS, (2-5) HOME, (2-5) ATS                        JAGS+3 ½

LW, JAGS were @ATL and it wasn’t really a game. ATL let JAGS think they were in it but ATL was toying around and won 24-12. ATL didn’t really put the metal to the petal as they should of and this game wasn’t decided until the 4th qtr. But it has been a disaster for JAGS and 2017 looks like ten years ago. Since JAGS beat the JETS in wk 8 to stand at 4-4, they have won one game which was @OAK because OAK went to sleep. Other than that game, JAGS have not been close in any game that they have played. This is another game that I don’t think will be close either. LW, INDY destroyed CAR @INDY 38-6. It wasn’t even that close as INDY only have themselves to blame for missing the playoffs. They did have a lot of injuries but a lot of teams had injuries too. Losing to MIA was atrocious. But a four game losing streak when they were at 6-4 killed their season. At least they can end it with a win @JAGS who have fallen apart many game ago. INDY QB Jacoby Brissett has definitely learned a lot this season but INDY must learn to beat the good teams as well as the bad ones if they want to move forward. L12 INDY @JAGS, INDY 6-6 SUATS. L25 JAGS vs INDY, ROAD 14-10-1 ATS. L20 INDY vs JAGS, FAV 12-6-1 ATS, 1 PICK’EM. INDY 11-8-1 ATS L20 as a ROAD FAV. INDY 33-35-1 ATS AWAY in DEC. INDY 32-33 ATS as a FAV in DEC. INDY 33-28 ATS vs AFC SOUTH in DEC. INDY7-3-1 ATS L11 as a div ROAD FAV. INDY 1-7 ATS after scoring 35>pts. INDY 0-13 ATS in gms 13-16 as a FAV after scoring 35>pts. JAGS 16-28 ATS L44 as a HOME DOG. JAGS 26-19 ATS vs AFC SOUTH in DEC. JAGS 29-27 ATS @HOME in DEC. JAGS 31-34 ATS as a DOG in DEC. JAGS need to see what to do with QB Nick Foles and his big contract after the season. He has guaranteed money but Gardner Minshew is the guy they want to develop and have lead the JAGS. INDY is just a few players away and their DEF needs to shore up because they certainly have playmakers on OFF. INDY would like to finish the season at .500 and JAGS would just like to finish the season Lay the points here as there will be no revenge for JAGS earlier loss to INDY because they do not have the personnel that matches up to INDY.

THE PICK: INDY-3 ½                                5 STARS     

Pittsburgh Steelers (8-7), (7-7-1) ATS, (3-4) AWY, (3-4) ATS @ Baltimore Ravens (13-2), (10-4-1) ATS, (6-1) HOME, (3-4) ATS                   BALT+2

LW, PITT was @NYJ and was looking to secure their playoff hopes with a win. The score was tied 10-10 @halftime right after PITT scored a td right before the half that swung the momentum to PITT, so you would think. It was an aggressive drive right before the half that surprised the NYJ and it looked like PITT would go on the attack in the 2nd half. PITT QB Mason Rudolph led the drive after replacing the ineffective Devlin Hodges who threw 2INTS. But Mason Rudolph injured his shoulder later in the game and back came Devlin Hodges. PITT lost 16-10. PITT didn’t even score a point in the 2nd half and looked lost while NYJ kicked 2fgs to secure the win. It was a lost opportunity to say the least for PITT. I certainly thought that they would bounce back after losing @HOME vs BUFF the week before on SNF. LW, BALT was @CLEVE for a little revenge for losing to CLEVE in wk 4. BALT was toying with CLEVE for most of the 1st half and you could see it on the field. But then BALT got serious and the DEF stepped up and BALT won 31-15. BALT was the FAV @-9 ½ in that game and I liked them big time because of the revenge factor. BALT didn’t disappoint. BALT took care of business in the 2nd half and CLEVE was handed their ninth loss of the season. On top of that CLEVE made the usual mistakes that added to the BALT win. L12 BALT (H) vs PITT, BALT 7-5 SU & 5-6 ATS 1 NL. L24 BALT vs PITT, BALT 12-10-2 ATS. L17 BALT vs PITT, BALT 9-6-1 ATS 1NL. L26 BALT vs PITT, DOG 14-8-3 ATS 1PICK’EM. L23 BALT vs PITT, ROAD 15-6-2 ATS. BALT 6-6 ATS L10 as a HOME DOG. BALT 26-24 ATS vs AFC NORTH in DEC. BALT 37-31 ATS @HOME in DEC. BALT 29-26 ATS as a DOG in DEC. BALT 8-4-1 ATS L13 after CLEVE. BALT 8-1 ATS L9 as a DIV DOG. BALT 7-0 ATS @HOME off div gm vs .500>opp. BALT 1-8 ATS in gms 13-16 off AWAY vs opp off BB SU losses. BALT 1-7 ATS in gms 13-16 off DD SU win vs opp off SU AWAY loss. PITT 14-21 ATS L35 as a ROAD FAV. PITT 8-5 ATS L13 in 2nd of BB RG’s. PITT 28-27 ATS AWAY in DEC. PITT 47-34 ATS as a FAV in DEC. PITT 28-24 ATS vs AFC NORTH in DEC. PITT 9-1 ATS in gms 13-16 AWAY vs opp off DD SU win. PITT 8-1 ATS in gms 13-16 vs div opp off SU AWAY win. PITT still has an outside shot at the playoffs but they have to win this game period to even be in the running in any type of scenario. If they lose they are eliminated. However, they have many injuries and guys will not be playing. PITT still has something to play for but it will be an uphill battle @BALT. BALT is resting QB Lamar Jackson, RB Mark Ingram, DB Earl Thomas & a host of others. But, the backups and other starters are just as capable of beating a depleted PITT team. BALT has nothing to play for. BALT QB Robert Griffin III will be the starter and he does have something to prove. He must show that his skills are still there vs a team that has something to play for. It may not be an important game for BALT because they are secure in the #1 spot but if RGIII wants to play in the NFL past this season, he must show that he can successfully take over a game with preparation when called just like Teddy Bridgewater did in NO. With that in mind, I think BALT has the talent to still win this game because whoever is the QB for PITT, Hodges or Paxton Lynch they will still be up against a talented BALT DEF. Take the points and BALT.

THE PICK: BALT+2                                   3 STARS   

Tennessee Titans (8-7), (8-7) ATS, (4-3) AWAY, (4-3) ATS @ Houston Texans (10-5), (7-7-1) ATS, (5-2) HOME, (2-5) ATS                           HOU+3 ½  

LW, TENN was home to NO. I liked NO in the game because NO still has a lot to play for and NO was only laying 2 ½. NO can beat you many different ways. TENN was without RB Derrick Henry and even though TENN RBs rushed for 149 yds combined, it’s not the same. NO won 38-28. TENN still has something to play for and if they win this week they can squeak into the playoffs. I like TENN HC Mike Vrabel because he is not afraid to take chances. TENN QB Ryan Tannehill is having a resurgence and making people forget about Marcus Mariota. TENN just needs to tighten things up and possibly add a couple of players on both sides of the ball and they will be a much better team. They have a lot of the necessary components now. LW on Saturday, HOU barely beat TB @TB 23-20. HOU was handed gifts all game by TB QB Jameis Winston with 4INTS but HOU being as conservative as they are didn’t capitalize as much as they should have vs TB and the game went down to the final minute. It is possible that DE JJ Watt will be back for this game but, I wouldn’t bring him back but let him get ready for wild card weekend. HOU is very predictable and their game plan is no secret. They rarely beat you by much and most of their games are won by seven points or less. L12 TENN @HOU, HOU 9-3 SUATS. L19 HOU vs TENN HOU 14-5 ATS. TENN 5-9 ATS L14 as a ROAD FAV. TENN 31-38 ATS as a FAV in DEC. TENN 28-31 ATS vs AFC SOUTH in DEC. TENN 25-31 ATS AWAY in DEC. HOU 6-9 ATS L15 as a HOME DOG. HOU 22-15 ATS @HOME in DEC. HOU 18-19 ATS vs AFC SOUTH in DEC. HOU 25-25 ATS as a DOG in DEC. This is a revenge game for TENN. If they win this game they will probably get the 6th seed. If HOU goes all out and wins they could get the #3 seed. If they lose they let TENN in as the #6. With HOU HC Bill O’Brien being as conservative as he is, he will go soft in this game and not risk anything. HOU is already locked in at the #4 seed and truly has nothing to play for. But don’t worry HOU will be one and done in the playoffs as always. I like TENN here because they have something to play for and HOU does not. TENN will go all out and to avenge the loss a few weeks ago @TENN. TENN is on a 2game losing streak while HOU is on a 2game winning streak. Lay the points here.

THE PICK: TENN-3 ½                                5 STARS

Sunday December 29th, 8:15pm

SF 49ers (12-3), (8-7) ATS, (6-1) AWAY, (5-2) ATS @ Seattle Seahawks (11-4), (8-7) ATS, (4-3) HOME, (1-6) ATS                                             SEA+3

LW, I loved AR+9 ½ @SEA. ARZ didn’t disappoint and beat SEA 27-13. SEA has always had a tough time @HOME with ARZ late in the season. ARZ had a backup QB in there because ARZ QB Kyler Murray got hurt and didn’t return to the game. SEA couldn’t stop ARZ run game and ARZ rushed for 253 yds & 2TDS. Anyway, in the game SEA lost RBs Chris Carson & CJ Prosise, both for the season. SEA signed RBs Marshawn Lynch & Robert Turbin to fill in. How much either one has left in the tank is anyone’s guess. I’m thinking that since they haven’t played this season, they are not in game shape. The O-LINE for SEA has been suspect & LT Duane Brown suffered a knee injury and he is out. SEA QB Russell Wilson will be doing a lot of scrambling in this game. LW, SF took it to LAR who still had an outside chance for the playoffs. LAR had a 21-10 lead in the 2nd qtr but the DEF for SF clamped down and only allowed 10pts from LAR the rest of the way. SF scored 24 pts including a PICK6 from LAR QB Jared Goff which changed the momentum of the game. SF won 34-31 but didn’t cover the 6 ½ pt spread. I didn’t think LAR would be as up for this game as they were because their season was unofficially done. SF & SEA have a lot riding on this game but SEA is a very injured and depleted bunch and has not played well at home. These two teams met in wk 10 on MNF @SF with SEA+6. SEA won the game in OT and I liked SEA with the points. SF was vulnerable in that game and I felt SEA could win outright which they did 27-24. L12 SEA(H) vs SF, SEA 10-2 SU & 9-3 ATS. L15 SEA vs SF, SEA 11-3-1 ATS. SF 2-3 ATS L5 as a ROAD FAV. SF 25-41 ATS AWAY in DEC. SF 20-28 ATS vs NFC WEST in DEC. SF 31-41 ATS as a FAV in DEC. SF 7-10 ATS L17 AWAY after allowing 28>pts. SF 8-8 ATS L16 as a FAV on SNF. SF 5-5 ATS AWAY on SNF. SEA 7-0 ATS L7 as a HOME DOG. SEA 7-6 ATS L13 in 2nd of BB HG’s. SEA 43-22 ATS @HOME in DEC. SEA 34-25 ATS vs NFC WEST in DEC. SEA 46-21 ATS as a DOG in DEC. SEA 11-5 ATS on SNF after an SU loss. SEA 16-8 ATS @HOME on SNF. SEA 12-6 ATS as a DOG on SNF. SEA 11-1 ATS in gms 13-16 as a DOG off SUATS loss vs opp off div gm. This game has been flexed to SNF and even though SEA has a pretty good record in PRIMETIME, there is a lot at stake for SF to be pumped up for this game. This game has SF thinking revenge in mind. If SF wins this game, they will be the #1 seed in the NFC with a bye. If they lose the game, next week they will have to travel to whoever wins the NFC EAST. If SEA wins this game, they would win the NFC WEST and get a HOME playoff game. If GB & NO both lose on top of the SEA win, SEA could jump into a bye slot and possibly the #1 seed. But first they have to win. SF QB Jimmy G needs to have a good game. Just take what the SEA DEF gives you. I like SF here because SEA is hurting and this is also a revenge game for SF for the loss earlier in the season. Lately, SEA has been terrible vs the run and their secondary is very susceptible to big passes. SEA has been giving up a lot of points and SF has the weapons to put SEA on their backs. Lay the points here but SF would win by a td and capture the #1 seed. Next week, SEA will be at whoever wins the NFC EAST.

THE PICK: SF-3                                          5 STARS