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2019 NFL WEEK 9


All times Eastern Standard Time


Thursday October 31st, 2019 8:20pm

SF 49ers (7-0), (5-2) ATS, (4-0) AWAY, (3-1) ATS @ Arizona Cardinals (3-4-1), (5-3) ATS, (1-2-1) HOME, (2-2) ATS                                     ARZ+10

LW, SF @HOME crushed CAR. It wasn’t even close. It was 27-3 at halftime and it ended up being 51-13. I thought this game would be a lot closer because CAR has been playing very well under QB Kyle Allen but now looking back, they haven’t played anyone in SF’s caliber. Allen had 3INTS. DE Nick Bosa had 3 sacks and 1INT returned for 46 yds. The DEF for SF has swarmed teams when they have least expected it. SF #1 TOT DEF w/#1 PASS DEF & #11 RUSH DEF. CB Richard Sherman is leading the team with 3INTS. DE Arik Armstead has 5.5 sacks & DE Dee Ford has 4.5 sacks. On OFF, SF has a trio of RBs that get the job done. Tevin Coleman, Raheem Mostert & Matt Breida are a 1-2-3 punch that is wearing opposing DEFs out. Combined they rushed for 200 yds & 4tds vs CAR. Either one of these guys could start anywhere in the NFL. SF QB Jimmy G has been average but with so many guys contributing, he’s not playing bad, he’s just keeping the status quo. Stat you will like: SF #2 RUSH OFF vs ARZ #25 RUSH DEF. LW, ARZ was outmatched by NO QB Drew Brees’s return to the starting lineup. He ate up the ARZ DEF like it wasn’t there. He threw for 34-43, 373 yards, 3TDS & 1INT. It was like he was never out of the lineup. Brees connected with 9 different receivers. ARZ QB Kyle Murray is learning what it’s like to play good teams because ARZ has lost badly against decent-good teams. With RBs David Johnson & now Chase Edmonds both out, ARZ traded for RB Kenyon Drake from MIA for a draft pick. ARZ RB DJ Foster has been out the last two games with a hamstring and he’s questionable for this game. ARZ LB Cassius Marsh left the game with a concussion and is questionable for this game. L12 SF @ARZ, SF 5-7 SU but 8-4 ATS. L20 SF vs ARZ , SF 10-10 SU & 11-9 ATS. SF 13-7 ATS L20 as a ROAD FAV. SF 28-23 ATS AWAY in NOV. SF 30-31 ATS as a FAV in NOV. SF 19-26 ATS vs NFC WEST in NOV. SF 3-6 ATS L9 on TNF. SF 12-1 ATS in gms 5-8 when .500> as a RAOD FAV vs div opp. ARZ 13-13-1 ATS L27 as  HOME DOG. ARZ 25-29 ATS @HOME in NOV. ARZ 38-45 ATS as a DOG in NOV. ARZ 23-28 ATS vs NFC WEST in NOV. ARZ 2-9 ATS L11 on TNF. ARZ 0-4 ATS @HOME on TNF. ARZ 1-5 ATS as a DD DOG after scoring 10<pts. ARZ 16-3-1 ATS off non-div gm vs opp off DD SU win. ARZ 0-7 ATS on TNF vs .500>opp. ARZ 10-0 ATS in gms 9-12 @HOME off non-div vs opp off DD SU win. ARZ 15-2 ATS L17 @HOME vs opp off SUATS win. The DEF for ARZ might not be able to stop anyone. LB Chandler Jones has 8.5 sacks & LB Terrell Suggs has 5.0 sacks. Everyone else has 8.5 sacks combined. They only have 2INTS as well. This is anther one of those David vs Goliath matchups. But I don’t think SF will stall like MINN did LW. ARZ #29 PASS DEF vs SF #24 PASS OFF. If ARZ does stop Jimmy G, SF can always switch to the run. Lay the points here as SF rolls.   

THE PICK: SF-10                                        5 STARS

Sunday November 3rd, 2019  9:30am (London)

Houston Texans (5-3), (4-4) ATS, (2-2) AWAY, (3-1) ATS @ Jacksonville Jags (4-4), (5-3) ATS, (2-2) HOME, (2-2) ATS                                    JAGS+2

LW, JAGS @HOME took care of NYJ. They had a little help from NYJ QB Sam Darnold who threw 3INTS & also sacked him 8x. JAGS were down 7-6 early but then took control and watched as NYJ tried to play catchup and shoot themselves in the foot. JAGS QB Gardner Minshew had a nice game with 22/34, 279 yards, 3TDS, 0INTS but 1 lost fumble. JAGS RB Leonard Fournette had a respectable game rushing 19x for 76 yards. He also caught 7 passes for 60 yards. WRs Dede Westbrook & Marqise Lee both left the game with injuries. Lee ended up on IR with a shoulder injury & Westbrook is questionable with a neck injury for this game. LW, HOU was in a dog fight with OAK. Unfortunately HOU DE JJ Watt tore a pectoral muscle and will be out the remainder of the season. That is a big loss because now LB Whitney Mercilus who leads the team with 5.5 sacks will probably get double coverage. No on else on that HOU D-LINE seems to be picking up the slack. LW, vs OAK, HOU DEF didn’t sack OAK QB Derek Carr 1x. HOU DEF also didn’t even have an INT either. HOU #20 TOT DEF. But they, have 3INTS & 17.0 total sacks. Mercilus & Watt combined for 9.5 sacks, so the loss of Watt is huge. RB Carlos Hyde seems to have found a home in HOU getting his shot and making the most of it. Carlos has rushed for a respectable 544 yards in 8 games. Stat you will like: HOU #5 RUSH OFF vs JAGS #17 RUSH DEF. JAGS RUSH DEF is respectable and should be able to contain HOU rush game because HOU O-LINE is terrible. They gave up 3 sacks to OAK and Deshaun Watson has been sacked 24x in eight games. The only two games where Watson wasn’t sacked were vs ATL & KC whose DEFs are almost non-existent. Both teams are going into a bye. JAGS 6-6 ATS since 2007 wk before their bye. HOU 9-2-1 ATS since 2007 wk before their bye. L12 JAGS(H) vs HOU, JAGS 6-6 SU & 5-7 ATS. L25 HOU vs JAGS, JAGS 12-13 ATS. L15 HOU vs JAGS, ROAD 11-4 ATS. JAGS 5-12 ATS L17 in 2nd of BB HG’s. JAGS 20-20-1 ATS vs AFC SOUTH in NOV. JAGS 22-21 ATS @HOME in NOV. JAGS 33-24-1 ATS as a DOG in NOV. JAGS 10-9 ATS L19 as a HOME DOG. JAGS 3-3 ATS in London. JAGS 13-2 ATS in gms 9-12 when .500> vs .500>opp. HOU 20-11-1 ATS AWAY in NOV. HOU 12-10 ATS as a FAV in NOV. HOU 13-9 ATS vs AFC SOUTH in NOV. HOU 9-9-1 ATS L19 as a ROAD FAV. HOU 5-2 ATS as a ROAD FAV 3<pts. HOU 21-9-2 ATS as a FAV <9pts vs .600<opp. HOU 1-8 ATS in gms 9-12 when .500> vs .500> off SU win. HOU 5-1 ATS as a ROAD FAV 3<pts off SU win. HOU hasn’t beaten anybody except @KC, wk 6. Other than that win, they have beaten JAGS, @LAC, ATL, & OAK, all a big so what. They are due for a loss. Even though the JAGS WR corps are limited because of injuries, I like JAGS here for a few reasons. They always play HOU tough no matter what their record. HOU DE JJ Watt is out and they don’t have DE Jadeveon Clowney on the other side to compensate. This is a revenge game for JAGS having lost @HOU, wk 2 and JAGS play decent in London. Key for JAGS is stopping the HOU RUSH OFF. Also, JAGS season has gone like this: 2 losses, 2 wins, 2 losses, 2 wins. Will they take the next step? Take the points here as JAGS will win outright.

THE PICK: JAGS+2                                   5 STARS   

Sunday November 3rd, 2019 1:00pm

Washington Redskins (1-7), (3-5) ATS, (1-3) AWAY, (2-2) ATS @ Buffalo Bills (5-2), (4-3) ATS, (2-2) HOME, (1-3) ATS                              WASH+9 ½

LW, on TNF WASH played tough at MINN. WASH DEF held MINN to 1TD & 4fgs but lost the game 19-9. Also, in that game WASH QB Case Keenum suffered a concussion and Dwayne Haskins played the rest of the game. So far, Haskins hasn’t been groomed into the position he sort of has been thrown into the fire. But it looks like he will have had time to prepare for his 1st NFL start with reps from the 1st team. It should help that LT Trent Williams ended his holdout before the trade deadline and will have some fresh legs and body for this week’s game. Haskins needs all the protection from that O-LINE that he can get. RB Adrian Peterson had a decent game but only rushed the ball 14x for 76 yds vs MINN. A healthy Peterson will take a lot of pressure off of Haskins. LW, BUFF got torn a new one @HOME by PHILLY. I had a strong feeling that BUFF’s record was smoke and mirrors and I said so LW. Well, sure enough they lost to PHILLY 31-13. PHILLY was on a bounceback and Carson Wentz delivered as did the rest of the PHILLY team. PHILLY rushed for 218 yds and 3tds. Take note, Adrian Peterson. BUFF QB Josh Allen completed less than ½ of his passes and was sacked 4x. Was PHILLY this good or was BUFF that bad? I think a little of both. That’s why I liked PHILLY in that game. Yes, this is a bounceback game for BUFF and on paper they should beat up WASH but, WASH has a different HC in Bill Callahan who has instilled a different attitude in this team. He has also won one and kept it close in the other two against good teams. BUFF will look at WASH’s record and take them for granted. BUFF will make careless mistakes. WASH 4-8 ATS since 2007 wk before their bye. WASH is going into their bye and the added rest for some should get them ready for the 2nd half of the season. L3 BUFF vs WASH, BUFF 2-1 SUATS. WASH 4-9 ATS L13 in 2nd of BB RG’s. WASH 27-31 ATS AWAY in NOV. WASH 36-32 ATS as a DOG in NOV. WASH 2-9 ATS L11 as a DOG in 2nd of BB RG’s. WASH 3-6 ATS off BB SU losses vs non-div opps. WASH 1-9 ATS as a DOG <12pts in 2nd of BB RG’s. WASH 0-4 ATS L4 after TNF. BUFF 33-21 ATS @HOME in NOV. BUFF 25-16 ATS as a FAV in NOV. BUFF 10-3 ATS im gms 5-8 @HOME vs NFC opp. BUFF 2-11 ATS in gms 5-8 @HOME vs opp off DD SU loss. BUFF will win this game but probably not cover the game. BUFF #3 TOT DEF. But again, who have they beaten? WASH has nothing to lose and played a much better team LW in that of MINN and kept it relatively close. Dwayne Haskins needs to take what the BUFF DEF gives him and he should be OK. The BUFF DEF will try to confuse him and yes he will make mistakes but he must hold onto the ball and not try to force it into crowds. Take the points here as BUFF wins but WASH keeps it close.  

THE PICK: WASH+9 ½                             3 STARS

Minnesota Vikings (6-2), (5-3) ATS, (2-2) AWAY, (2-2) ATS @ KC Chiefs (5-3), (3-5) ATS, (1-3) HOME, (0-4) ATS                                         KC+1 ½

On SNF, KC was without QB Pat Mahomes but QB Matt Moore gave GB a good ride. Before the game on TNF @DEN, he hadn’t started a game since 2017 but you wouldn’t know it from these two games. Moore is 34-56 384 yds, 3tds, 0INTS & 0 fumbles. GB beat KC 31-24 because well, GB has Aaron Rodgers, nuff said. However, KC DEF is still terrible and really can’t stop anyone. They may have played well @DEN on TNF but DEN is awful and can’t seem to do anything right. KC #24 TOT DEF w/ #11 PASS DEF & #30 RUSH DEF. GB rushed for 118 yds combined & 1td. KC was without five other starters besides Mahomes. DE Frank Clark, CB Kenadall Fuller, LT Eric Fisher, LG Andrew Wylie & DT Chris Jones were all out. Play of the game: Instead of going for it with 4th & 3 at their own 40 yd line with 5:13 to go, KC punted and Rodgers found a way to get multiple 1st downs and KC never touched the ball. Game over. LW, on TNF MINN @HOME beat WASH, 19-9. WR Adam Thielen did not play due to a hamstring injury but The OFF did not execute like it has in the previous 3 games. Thielen is scheduled to play in this game. Yes, they did win the game but they should have converted tds where they kicked fgs. MINN kicked 4fgs & scored 1td vs a WASH ranked #28 TOT DEF. MINN QB Kirk Cousins last 4 games: 91-116 78.4 % for 1,261 yds 10 tds, 1INT, 1 fumble. He’s earning his money. MINN knocked out WASH QB Case Keenum with a concussion but didn’t seem to put a lot of pressure on his replacement QB Dwayne Haskins. MINN did rush for a combined 161 yds & 1td but the passing game didn’t connect as well as it should have. L3 MINN vs KC, KC 2-1 SU & 1-1-1 ATS. HOME TEAM is 3-0 SU & 2-0-1 ATS. MINN 5-7 ATS in 1st of BB RG’s. MINN 27-28 ATS AWAY in NOV. MINN 31-34 ATS as a FAV in NOV. MINN 12-5 ATS L17 as a ROAD FAV. MINN 11-1 ATS AWAY off BB SU wins. MINN 4-4 SU & 5-3 ATS L8 after TNF. MINN 3-5 ATS after allowing 10<pts vs non-div opp. KC 5-6 ATS L11 as a HOME DOG. KC 5-7 ATS L12 in 2nd of BB HG’s. KC 26-22 ATS as a DOG in NOV. KC 24-33 ATS @HOME in NOV. KC 11-3 ATS @HOME vs .666>non-div opp. KC 10-6 ATS L16 after an SU loss. KC 6-2 ATS as a non-conf HOME DOG. MINN HC Mike Zimmer is a good coach and he didn’t get involved when his players were voicing their opinions towards each other. By him not getting involved, the players worked themselves out and responded with 4 straight wins. It continues here. Stat you will like: MINN #3 RUSH OFF vs KC #30 RUSH DEF. MINN RB Dalvin Cook should run wild in this game. I don’t think Mahomes should play if he is not 100%. He is the future of the franchise and if HC Andy Reid gives him the green light and he gets injured further, he certainly will be fired. Whether or not Mahomes plays or not, MINN should win this game based on KC’s awful DEF and the way MINN has become more focused. Key to MINN win: They must keep KC TE Travis Kelce from touching the ball. In KC’s three losses, he has touched the ball 4x in each game. In the five wins he has averaged 6 touches.  MINN needs to show everyone that they can beat the good teams as well as the bad teams. MINN also has to neutralize KC RB LeSean McCoy. He was taken out of the game after a crucial fumble and didn’t return. He can beat teams all by himself if he touches the ball enough times. Lay the points here as MINN gets back to smashing opponents.

THE PICK: MINN- 1 ½                               5 STARS   

NY Jets (1-6), (2-5) ATS, (0-3) AWAY, (1-2) ATS @ Miami Dolphins (0-7), (3-4) ATS, (0-4) HOME, (1-3) ATS                                             MIA+3

On MNF, MIA teased everyone by storming out to a 14-0 lead @PITT. Did I think MIA was going to win the game? Not really, but at that point I liked my pick of MIA+14 ½ . Well, MIA went on to show everyone why they’re 0-7 with their total incompetence and ineptitude & lost the game 27-14. Ah, but they covered the ATS which is the most important part. However, before the game, they traded RB Kenyon Drake to ARZ & during this game CB Xavier Howard injured his leg and is now on IR. Can anything go right for MIA? So moving forward it will literally be Fitzpatrick & the no-names. LW, NYJ Sam Darnold continued to show his incompetence with bad mechanics @JAGS. I thought they would at least keep it close with the JAGS, not win mind you, but so much for wishful thinking. Darnold is terrible period and with this coaching staff he won’t get better. Last 2games Darnold is 32-62, 304 yds, 2TDS, 7INTS & 1 lost fumble, yeah nice. Plus, vs NE which will never go away, was his comment about seeing ghosts. NYJ HC Adam Gase is terrible too as his play call selection is suspect. And, on top of that, he is arrogant. How much do you want to bet that he doesn’t finish out his contract? The O-LINE can’t protect as Darnold was sacked 8x vs JAGS. MIA QB Ryan Fitpatrick was sacked 4x vs PITT on MNF. Neither one of these teams are good on OFF as MIA is #31 TOT OFF & NYJ #32 TOT OFF. On DEF, MIA #30 TOT DEF & NYJ #19 TOT DEF. NYJ get higher marks because they are NYJ #10 RUSH DEF. But with the trade of DT Leonard Williams to the NYG this week, we’ll see how they adjust to stop the run vs MIA. NYJ RB Le’Veon Bell has not been able to get going because the O-LINE is so bad. To top it off, starting C Ryan Kalil injured his knee and is out for an undetermined amount of time. NYJ QBS have been sacked a combined 34x. L12 MIA(H) vs NYJ, MIA 5-7 SU & 3-9 ATS. L19 MIA vs NYJ, ROAD 13-6 ATS. L24 NYJ vs MIA, DOG 15-8-1 ATS. L21 MIA(H) vs NYJ, MIA (H) vs NYJ, MIA 5-16 ATS. MIA 17-10-1 ATS L28 as a HOME DOG. MIA 18-24 ATS vs AFC EAST in NOV. MIA 31-27 ATS @HOME in NOV. MIA 31-28 ATS as a DOG in NOV. MIA 2-10 ATS L12 after MNF. MIA 1-9-1 ATS vs .250<DIV opp. MIA 3-11 ATS in gms 5-8 off SUATS loss vs opp off BB SU losses. NYJ 5-5-1 ATS L11 as a ROAD FAV. NYJ 6-9 ATS L15 in 2nd of BB RG’s. NYJ 25-33 ATS AWAY in NOV. NYJ 24-23 ATS vs AFC EAST in NOV. NYJ 21-28 ATS as a FAV in NOV.  MIA QB Ryan Fitzpatrick should be motivated for this game because he played well for them and then they discarded him, so there may be some revenge exacted by Fitzpatrick on the JETS. This game has the makings of a shootout because both DEFs under perform tremendously. The NYJ secondary has a bunch of overpaid nobodies who get burned every game. MIA knows they are young and learning and Fitzpatrick is OK with that. NYJ are terrible and don’t be surprised if MIA wins this game outright for their 1st win. Take the points here.

THE PICK: MIA+3                                     5 STARS    

Chicago Bears (3-4), (2-5) ATS, (2-1) AWAY, (1-2) ATS @ Philadelphia Eagles (4-4), (3-5) ATS, (2-1) HOME, (1-2) ATS                               CHI+4 ½

LW, CHI may have thought that they solved their kicking woes. They were down 17-16 to LAC and they were driving to what they thought would be a game winning fg. CHI K Eddie Pineiro who had been signed for 2019 and after an extensive search at the position after the 2018 season, missed a 41 yd fg that would have won the game for CHI. CHI is on a 3game losing streak. CHI #29 TOT OFF is down from #21 TOT OFF in 2018. CHI is #29 PASS OFF & #26 RUSH OFF. In certain instances it seems as though CHI QB Mitch Trubisky has regressed. CHI RB David Montgomery had a breakout game vs LAC with a 135 yd rushing game, his 1st in 2019. But Montgomery can’t do it alone. Trubisky has to get the ball to his receivers. CHI #7 TOT DEF is still strong but when you are on the field most of the game you get tired and eventually you get beat. CHI DT Akiem Hicks who is on IR has been a big hole to fill and no one has stepped up. Also, CHI team so far has 5INTS that are shared by two guys. Kyle Fuller has 3INTS & Ha Ha Clinton Dix has 2INTS. No one else on the team has any. In 2018, CHI had 11 different guys with at least 1INT and 5 of those INTS were returned for tds. That takes a load off your OFF. That hasn’t happened in 2019. CHI needs to find some answers soon or otherwise it will be a lost season. LW, PHILLY went up to BUFF on a 2game losing streak of their own. Previously, PHILLY was beat handily @MINN & @DAL on SNF. The DEF for PHILLY in these games gave up 447 total yards & 402 total yards respectively. But in the game vs BUFF, PHILLY DEF gave up 253 total yards. Hence the 31-13 win. But the BUFF OFF is not as prevalent as MINN & DAL. DAL has the #1 TOT OFF and MINN has the #3 TOT OFF, whereas BUFF has the #19 TOT OFF. BUFF OFF does not have as many weapons on OFF as the other two teams. Also, BUFF hadn’t really beaten anyone and their #3 TOT DEF rating was rather deceiving. PHILLY is also heading into their bye week. PHILLY 8-4 SUATS since 2007 before their bye. As of this writing, PHILLY is looking to shore up their DEF with a trade for a caliber CB. L9 PHILLY vs CHI, PHILLY 5-4 SUATS. PHILLY 30-28 ATS @HOME in NOV. PHILLY 39-29 ATS as a FAV in NOV. PHILLY 12-1 ATS in gms 9-12 off DD SU win vs opp off SUATS loss. PHILLY 9-2 ATS in gms 9-12 off SUATS win vs opp off SU FAV loss. CHI 39-22 ATS AWAY in NOV. CHI 40-29 ATS as a DOG in NOV. CHI 18-4 ATS L22 before DET. CHI 5-1 ATS vs opp off SU DOG win. CHI 3-10 ATS L13 vs NFC EAST. This is sort of a revenge game for CHI because PHILLY had gone to CHI last year in the playoffs and beat CHI on their HOME turf. In that game, CHI K Cody Parker had a potential game winning fg partially blocked but still managed to hit the left upright. This may be on the minds of some of the CHI players and coaches. But, PHILLY QB Carson Wentz is a better QB than CHI QB Mitch Trubisky and PHILLY has more OFF weapons at his disposal. Stat you will like: CHI #26 RUSH OFF vs PHILLY #8 RUSH DEF. This means it will be all on Trubisky’s shoulders. Also, PHILLY RB Darren Sproles is on a week to week basis with his quadriceps strain and WR DeSean Jackson who was injured in week 2 @ATL with an abdominal tear is almost getting ready to return to action. These two would be a big uplift for the PHILLY OFF. If either one of these guys gets into the game CHI DEF will be guessing more than they have been already. But I like PHILLY here as the DEF for CHI has not been the same as in 2018 and the CHI OFF doesn’t have the answers. Lay the points here.

THE PICK: PHILLY-4 ½                           5 STARS

Indianapolis Colts (5-2), (5-2) ATS, (2-1) AWAY, (3-0) ATS @ Pittsburgh Steelers (3-4), (3-3-1) ATS, (2-2) HOME, (1-2-1) ATS                  PITT+1

LW, on MNF, you would have thought that PITT had just won the SuperBowl. They beat a team they had to beat but, there was a BIG spread which I felt strongly that they would not cover. PITT was trailing MIA in the 1st qtr 14-0 and MIA let PITT back in the game with some suspect DEF play calling which turned the momentum to PITT’s favor. However, in the process of this win, RB James Connor suffered an AC injury to his shoulder so he is questionable and his status for this game is up in the air. RB Benny Snell suffered an ankle injury and he is questionable too. That leaves Jaylen Samuels as the only healthy RB right now for PITT with untested Trey Edmunds waiting in the wings. OG Ramon Foster suffered a concussion so he’s probably out this week too. Yes, the PITT OFF had a good game but, they were playing MIA with nothing to play for except well, paychecks. LW, INDY had a nice comeback win @HOME vs DEN. I thought they would roll over DEN but it was a defensive struggle and neither team could really dominate. There weren’t any turnovers committed by either team except a lost fumble by INDY QB Jacoby Brissett but, fortunately for INDY, it didn’t lead to any DEN points. INDY did rush for a combined 127 yds including RB Marlon Mack’s 76 yards & 1TD. His positive production has taken a load off of QB Jacoby Brissett. Brissett was sacked 4x vs DEN. This was the most he has been sacked in a game this season. The O-LINE for INDY has played especially well in recent years and in 2018 only gave up 18 sacks. L7 PITT vs INDY, PITT 5-2 SU but 3-4 ATS. PITT 8-3-2 ATS L13 in 2nd of BB HG’s. PITT 5-4-1 ATS L10 as a HOME DOG. PITT 20-15 ATS as a DOG in NOV. PITT 28-25 ATS @HOME in NOV. PITT 13-1 ATS as a DOG vs >.500 opp. PITT 10-1 ATS off SU win vs non-div opp off BB SU wins. INDY 3-4 ATS L7 as a ROAD FAV. INDY 29-29-1 ATS as a FAV in NOV. INDY 35-19 ATS AWAY in NOV. INDY 8-6 ATS AWAY vs AFC NORTH. INDY 10-7-1 ATS L18 as a FAV 3<pts. PITT QB Mason Rudolph played a nice game but again, it was vs MIA. This will be a bigger test for him as even MIA sacked him 2x. INDY DEF sneaks up on you. INDY #15 TOT DEF. However, LB TJ Watt (6 sacks) & LB Bud Dupree (4 sacks) let loose and attack like there’s no tomorrow. Also, don’t forget DT Cameron Heyward who has 4.5 sacks. PITT #10 TOT DEF. This game could go either way on a turnover late in the game but the PITT HOME crowd should be psyched up as PITT has a shot to make it to .500. The receivers for PITT seem to catch everything thrown their way and the PITT secondary is committee of constant playmakers. INDY has a few guys that are questionable in the secondary and that may make the difference in this game. However, this should be a good game but take the HOME team here.    

THE PICK: PITT+1                                    3 STARS   

Tennessee Titans (4-4), (4-4) ATS, (2-2) AWAY, (2-2) ATS @ Carolina Panthers (4-3), (4-2-1) ATS, (1-2) HOME, (1-1-1) ATS                       TENN+3 ½  

LW, CAR went to SF & got slaughtered. The score was SF 27-3 at halftime and you could turn your set off there. Final score was 51-13. It was a learning experience for CAR QB Kyle Allen and the rest of the CAR team. Allen had 3INTS & was sacked 7x. SF attacked CAR on the ground, 232 yards rushing & 5TDS, as well as in the air Jimmy G 2TDS. So it’s time to regroup and move on. Not much more to say about it. LW, TENN was lucky again. They were the beneficiary of a quick whistle that stopped play and stopped TB from scoring a td and taking the lead and possibly winning the game. TENN tried a fake fg late in the 4th qtr and the holder P Brett Kern tried to run with the ball for a 1st down. Well, he was clocked by TB LB Devin White and fumbled the ball. TB S Andrew Adams picked up the fumble and returned it for, what would have been a go ahead td, but it was blown dead after the official saw the tackle of Kern but, didn’t see the fumble. Clearly, had the whistle not been blown early, TB would have had a nice turnover td and the lead. Instead they trailed and never scored another point and lost 27-23. Plus, the previous week, TENN won on the incompetence of LAC HC Anthony Lynn & the chickeness of QB Philip Rivers. TENN is on a 2game luck streak. TENN QB Ryan Tannehill has actually played well in these two games he has gone 44-62, 505 yds, 5TDS, 1INT, 0 lost fumbles. He’s played well, no question. But TENN has played two bad teams. This week, they play a good team. L3 TENN vs CAR, TENN 2-1 SUATS. CAR 33-22 ATS @HOME in NOV. CAR 26-18 ATS as a FAV in NOV. CAR 20-21-2 ATS as a FAV 4pts or less. CAR 12-3 ATS off SUATS loss. CAR 9-3 ATS off SUATS loss vs non-div opp. TENN 33-30 ATS AWAY in NOV. TENN 27-27 ATS as a DOG in NOV. TENN 4-12 ATS as a DOG <6pts off UATS win. TENN 2-15 ATS vs non-div opp off SU loss>10 pts. TENN 13-5 ATS vs NFC SOUTH. TENN 1-8 ATS in gms 9-12 off HOME gm. Tannehill hasn’t made too many mistakes yet but he’s due for a game where he crashes and burns. CAR RB Christian McCaffrey has been a one man wrecking crew that teams have not been able to stop. I don’t see TENN stopping him in this game. CAR #10 RUSH OFF vs TENN #12 RUSH DEF. It should be interesting. For TENN to be effective on OFF, RB Derrick Henry needs to have touches to take pressure off of Tannehill. CAR DEF needs to play big in this game and create some turnovers. TENN’s lucky streak runs out against a pissed off CAR team that will bounce back and roll all over it like Wile E. Coyote. Lay the points here as CAR returns to form and keeps playing for a wild card.

THE PICK: CAR-3 ½                                  5 STARS

Sunday November 3rd, 2019 4:00pm

Detroit Lions (3-3-1), (4-3) ATS, (1-1-1) AWAY, (2-1) ATS @ Oakland Raiders (3-4), (4-3) ATS, (2-1) HOME, (2-1) ATS                               DET+2

LW, DET @HOME beat NYG 31-26. DET never trailed in this game but they never put NYG away and let them hang around until late in the game. DET couldn’t sustain a healthy drive to close the door on NYG and the game. They were lucky that NYG were just as inept. However, NYG QB Daniel Jones had the best game of his young career. Jones was 28-41, 322 yds, 4TDS, 0INTS, 2fumbles with 1 lost fumble. The lost fumble by Jones did lead to the 1st DET TD. This ended up being the difference in the game. DET rushed for a measly 59 yds total. DET #22 RUSH OFF. As usual for DET, it was the QB Matthew Stafford show. DET #1 RB Kerryon Johnson is on IR with a knee injury that required knee surgery so he’s out for an extended period of time. DET RB Tra Carson did rush for 34yds on 12 touches so he may get the start vs OAK. Backups JD McKissic & Ty Johnson are untested but will get a chance to show what they can do. But this week they will play a run DEF that is actually pretty good. OAK #9 RUSH DEF.  With Stafford at QB, DET has never had a run game that they can rely on and have lived & died on the arm of Stafford. Stafford has reliable guys to throw to: WR Kenny Golladay & WR Marvin Jones have become Matt’s go to guys with WR Danny Amendola becoming successful in the slot. TE TJ Hockenson has been a welcome addition in his rookie year after being drafted in the 1st round out of Iowa. OAK secondary will have fun covering these guys. OAK #30 PASS DEF. LW, OAK played a game @HOU that went back and forth with the lead and almost nether team wanted to win. The OAK DEF couldn’t stop HOU QB Deshaun Watson. OAK RB Josh Jacobs had a so-so game but was only handed the ball 15x. For him to be effective, he needs to get the ball more. Against DET he should see more touches. OAK needed to sustain a drive at the end of the game to either kick a tying fg or get a td to win. They did neither. OAK HC Jon Gruden should be winning more because this is not his first rodeo. Play selection should be precise and executed successfully at another team’s weaknesses. HOU’s weakness is their PASS DEF and OAK’s game plan should have been using Jacobs and other RBs as receivers to flood the zones. HOU DEF didn’t get to Carr 1x so he should have been able to see the field clearly. Carr passed for 3TDs & 0INTS but in a shootout, you need to do better than 18/30. L3 DET vs OAK, DET 3-0 SU & 2-0-1 ATS. OAK 5-7 ATS L12 in 1st of BB HG’s. OAK 20-33-1 ATS @HOME in NOV. OAK 18-29 ATS as a FAV in NOV. OAK 2-11 ATS L13 before LAC. OAK 2-11-2 ATS L15 @HOME vs NFC. DET 4-12-1 ATS in 1st of BB RG’s. DET 18-33 ATS AWAY in NOV. DET 25-44 ATS as a DOG in NOV. Stat you will like: OAK #7 RUSH OFF vs DET #26 RUSH DEF. This is why OAK will win this game outright, because they have a reliable run game that takes pressure off of OAK QB Derek Carr. The X-factor for OAK is RB Josh Jacobs. He rushed for 123 yds & 2tds vs CHI. CHI certainly has a better DEF than DET. How many yds will he rush for vs DET? Stafford doesn’t have anyone to take the pressure off of him in the backfield and he will have to put the ball up 40x to win. OAK needs to put pressure on him and get him scrambling out of the pocket. Both of these teams do not put too much pressure on the opposing QBS. Both OAK & DET have 13 sacks & 3INTS. This game may become a shootout because both PASS DEFs are pretty lousy. DET #32 PASS DEF & OAK #30 PASS DEF. Plus, to add insult to injury, DET CB Darrius Slay who left the game vs NYG with an injured hamstring is questionable for this game. Without him, Carr should lift off. But the deciding factor here is OAK RB Josh Jacobs. That’s why I like OAK here, OAK can balance it out with a reliable run game. OAK needs to pound the running game at DET until they are tired. DET can’t. This game is almost a PICK’EM but I like laying the two points because OAK is on a double bounceback and they are desperate for a win. OAK hasn’t had a true home game since Sept 15th so the crowd will be going crazy.  

THE PICK: OAK-2                                      3 STARS   

TB Bucs (2-5), (2-5) ATS, (2-2) AWAY, (2-2) ATS @ Seattle Seahawks (6-2), (4-4) ATS, (2-2) HOME, (0-4) ATS                                             TB+6 ½

LW, TB was the victim of a quick whistle. TENN tried a fake fg late in the 4th qtr and the holder P Brett Kern tried to run with the ball for a 1st down. Well, he was clocked by TB LB Devin White and fumbled the ball. TB S Andrew Adams picked up the fumble and returned it for, what would have been a go ahead td, but it was blown dead after the official saw the tackle of Kern but, didn’t see the fumble. Clearly, had the whistle not been blown early, TB would have had a nice turnover td and the lead. Instead they trailed and never scored another point and lost 27-23. But, the problem for TB is not that bad call but QB Jameis Winston & the TB O-LINE. Winston has 12INTS and has been sacked 28x. He also has 8 fumbles. In the TENN game he had 2INTS & 2lost fumbles. You can’t win like that. In the two TB wins this season Winston has 5tds & 1INT. In the 5 losses, he has 9tds & 11 INTS. Winston has to get better focused and seems to have regressed. TB HC Bruce Arians is known as the “QB Whisperer” but Winston doesn’t look like he’s improving. However, Arians knows something about SEA because as ARZ HC, he was 4-1 SUATS @SEA. But those ARZ teams had better DEFs than this TB team. The DEF for TB has their own problems. TB is #1 RUSH DEF but #31 PASS DEF. The DEF will have problems vs SEA & QB Russell Wilson. SEA needs to worry about LB Shaquil Barrett who already has 10.0 sacks. LW, SEA played @ATL. SEA was up 24-0 and ATL tried to make a comeback with QB Matt Shaub in for the injured Matt Ryan. Shaub’s numbers look great but it was all after SEA had that big lead and ATL was playing catchup and scored in garbage time. SEA DEF created 3 ATL turnovers while SEA committed 0 turnovers. SEA QB Russell Wilson is having an MVP caliber season while throwing for 17tds & 1INT. SEA was totally in control of the game vs ATL and even rushed for 151 yds behind RB Chris Carson’s 90 yds & 1td. But SEA should be a little concerned how they let ATL run up and down the field so much in the 2nd half even though it was catchup and garbage time. SEA secondary is still a concern because recently acquired S Quandre Diggs from DET missed the last game due to a hamstring injury and his status for wk 9 is questionable and up in the air. SEA HC Pete Carroll seems to be able to come up with a good game plan vs bad teams and right now TB is a bad team. SEA has beaten CINNCY, @PITT, @ARZ, @CLEVE &ATL. They are a combined 9-28-1. The lone exception is TNF vs LAR when they won 30-29. But SEA should have lost that game as LAR missed a last second fg that would have won the game. SEA has lost @HOME to NO & BALT which should be a concern as they face stiffer competition down the stretch. L8 SEA vs TB, teams 4-4 SUATS. However, HOME 5-3 SU but 3-5 ATS. SEA 31-33 ATS @HOME in NOV. SEA 32-37 ATS as a FAV in NOV. SEA 8-1-1 ATS before MNF. SEA 2-6 ATS before SF. SEA 1-4 ATS as a HF <9pts vs .500<opp. SEA 1-6 ATS L7 as a HOME FAV vs NFC SOUTH. TB 5-11-2 ATS L18 in 2nd of BB RG’s. TB 45-29 ATS as a DOG in NOV. TB 36-27 ATS AWAY in NOV. TB 18-17-2 ATS L37 AWAY vs non-div. SEA hasn’t played particularly well @HOME having lost to NO & BALT and should correct some things but TB is not in that category of teams. TB 3-14 L17 in 2nd of BB RG’s. TB not a great bounceback team on the road. Plus, TB has problems that can’t be fixed in just one week. TB DT Ndamukong Suh, signed for $9.3 million for 2019 and usually gets lost late in games has a total of 14 tackles & 0.5 sack in 7 games for TB. It looks like he is still becoming invisible late in games. He did make an appearance in the game @LAR with a fumble recovery for a td late but, besides that he has been pretty much missing in action. TB DE Jason Pierre-Paul had a nice game in his 1st game in 2019 with 1.0 sack & 1 QB hit. He brings some fresh legs to this stale DEF. Stat you will like: SEA #13 PASS OFF vs TB #31 PASS DEF. Russell Wilson will have a field day with this bunch as he scrambles around and TB will probably commit multiple holding penalties trying to slow down the SEA receivers. This game has the makings of a blowout in SEA’s favor. Lay the points here as SEA rolls & rolls.

THE PICK: SEA-6 ½                                   5 STARS  

Cleveland Browns (2-5), (2-5) ATS, (2-2) AWAY, (2-2) ATS @ Denver Broncos (2-6), (4-4) ATS, (1-3) HOME, (2-2) ATS                              DEN+3

LW, DEN played tough @INDY and INDY needed a very late 4th qtr fg to pull out the game. All of a sudden DEN looked like a good team. Neither, INDY or DEN had a passing td in this game. This was a rushing heavy game where both teams relied more on their running game than passing. RBs Phillip Lindsay & Royce Freeman combined for 26 touches for 99 yds & 1TD. However, QB Joe Flacco has a herniated disc in his neck and will be out for this game. He could be placed on IR after an evaluation after DEN’s bye week. Brandon Allen will start at QB for this game. Allen was drafted in the 6th round by JAGS in 2016 then bounced around LAR 2017-2019 but never making it to the active roster. He has never played a down in the NFL & now he faces CLEVE. DEN 5-7 ATS since 2007 wk before their bye. DEN has been a big disappointment this season after bringing in Joe Flacco as their new QB. At times Joe has looked average to below average and the rest of the team looked overmatched and unprepared against teams that they should have beaten. DEN #4 TOT DEF. This may be misleading when you are losing. LW, NE was just toying with CLEVE. It didn’t help any that CLEVE turned the ball over in their 1st three possessions. It was NE 17-0 in the 1st qtr and actually if NE put the metal to the peddle, NE could have scored 50 points. CLEVE QB Baker Mayfield leads the NFL with 12 INTS. He has to get out of that gunslinger mentality. CLEVE HC Freddie Kitchens has done a lousy job taking some of the talent on this steam and making them better. He is a 1st yr HC with only one year at OC in his whole career. He was a positions coach at every stop before he came to CLEVE in 2018. The DEF for CLEVE has been a disappointment for sure. CLEVE #21 TOT DEF. DE Myles Garrett has been the shining star with 10.0 sacks and seven other players have combined for 12 sacks. The DEF has 4INTS by four different players. The OFF has been consistent except for RB Nick Chubb who is averaging over 100 yds per game. But don’t look too much at his stats for the game vs NE was it was in catchup & garbage time. WRs Odell Beckham & Jarvis Landry have 1TD combined. That’s not a misprint. L6 DEN vs CLEVE, DEN 5-1 SU & 4-2 ATS. CLEVE 2-2 ATS L4 as a ROAD FAV. CLEVE 6-12 ATS L18 in 2nd of BB RG’s. CLEVE 30-20 ATS AWAY in NOV. CLEVE 9-11 ATS as a FAV in NOV. DEN 9-5 ATS L14 as a HOME DOG. DEN 40-28 ATS @HOME in NOV. DEN 21-18 ATS as a DOG in NOV. DEN 1-10 ATS in gms 9-12 when <.500 vs <.500 opp. This game could go either way because of the bad play by both teams this season. The fact that DEN is starting a QB that has never played a down, factors in to a decision that CLEVE should take full advantage of this game. Mayfiield needs to spread the ball around more. Mayfield has to start silencing his critics and play better, period. He has a great RB in Chubb to take pressure off of him and he needs to take what the DEF gives him. CLEVE has a 3game losing streak and it hasn’t been pretty. Stat you will like: CLEVE 6-1 ATS L7 as a ROAD FAV off an SU loss.  They are in desperation for a win here. Lay the points and cross your fingers. Which Mayfield shows up? 

THE PICK: CLEVE-3                                 3 STARS    

GB Packers (7-1), (6-2) ATS, (3-0) AWAY, (3-0) ATS @ LA Chargers (3-5), (2-6) ATS, (1-3) HOME, (0-4) ATS                                             LAC+3

On SNF, GB QB Aaron Rodgers threw a most unbelievable pass for a td. This pass was caught with almost no space in the corner of the endzone. The pass was made with complete accuracy as Rodgers was being tackled. Not too many people in the history of the game could have made that throw. Anyway, GB took care of business and GB won 31-24 @KC. KC has no DEF but sacked Rodgers 5x. GB didn’t have any turnovers and the running game got going for 118 yds. KC was without QB Pat Mahomes but QB Matt Moore was just as effective and KC was scoring toe-to-toe with GB until the very end. LW, LAC got away with one @CHI. After blowing the game the week before @TENN with total incompetence, LAC was able to watch another team blow a game with total incompetence. LAC was able to hold CHI to 1td and 3fgs. But it was the missed fg with :00 left that secured the win outright for LAC. CHI was down 17-16 and at the LAC 21 yd line with :43 & 1 timeout. Instead of at least taking a shot at the endzone, CHI HC Matt Nagy had Trubisky take a kneel and position for a fg. Well, to make a long story short, CHI missed the fg and lost the game. Bad play calling by CHI HC & no faith in your QB. Anyway, LAC managed a measly 36 yards rushing in that game. Rivers is probably thinking that they just beat a good team. They beat an average team with a lousy QB. CHI RB David Montgomery rushed 27x for 135 yds & 1td vs LAC. What will GB rush for? L3 GB vs LAC, GB 3-0 SU & 2-1 ATS. GB 15-17 ATS L32 as ROAD FAV. GB 3-9 ATS L12 in 2nd of BB RG’s. GB 28-35 ATS AWAY in NOV. GB 33-35 ATS as a FAV in NOV. GB 15-16 ATS L31 vs AFC. GB 2-8 ATS as a non-div ROAD FAV 3<pts. GB 13-1 ATS in gms 9-12 as a FAV off non-div vs opp off SU win. LAC 5-9-1 ATS L15 as a HOME DOG. LAC 26-35 ATS @HOME in NOV. LAC 35-26 ATS as a DOG in NOV. LAC 18-7-1 ATS L26 before OAK. LAC 7-1 ATS as a DOG >2 pts vs NFC. GB WR Davante Adams is questionable with his turf toe but is itching to get back. If he gets back, watch out. GB LBS Preston Smith & Za’Darius Smith have accounted for 15 of GB’s 20 sacks. They will wreck havoc on Rivers. GB is playing better than people expected and LAC is playing worse than people expected. Rivers has gone back to beating no one and losing to everyone. LAC has beaten INDY(barely), @MIA(so what) & @CHI(missed fg). They have lost to @DET, HOU, DEN, PITT & @TENN. GB has lost one game and that was vs PHILLY which they let get out of hand. LAC #12 TOT DEF is deceiving because they haven’t beaten anyone and have a losing record. The DEF for GB has been playing better but they play down to their competition. The home stadium for LAC seems to be a haven for the whoever LAC is playing and I expect the stadium to be packed with GB fans and colors all around rooting for Rodgers & CO. Lay the points here as Rodgers shows Rivers how it’s done.  

THE PICK: GB-3                                         5 STARS

Sunday November 3rd, 2019 8:20pm

NE Patriots (8-0), (6-2) ATS, (4-0) AWAY, (3-1) ATS @ Baltimore Ravens (5-2), (3-3-1) ATS, (2-1) HOME, (0-3) ATS                                     BALT+3

LW, NE was just toying with CLEVE. CLEVE made it easy for NE by turning the ball over in their first three possessions. NE ran out to a 17-0 1st qtr lead and watched as CLEVE tried to claw their way back. NE held CLEVE to 1TD. The DEF for NE has been playing lights out. NE #2 TOT DEF w/#2 PASS DEF & #4 RUSH DEF. Granted, the NE schedule in 2019 hasn’t been the hardest. They have beaten PITT, @MIA, NYJ, @BUFF, @WASH, NYG, @NYJ & CLEVE. Only BUFF has a winning record and they haven’t beaten anyone. With the addition of WR Mohamed Sanu it should help take some pressure off of WR Julian Edelman. The run game for NE has been shared by a committee that seems to get the job done so that Brady doesn’t have to throw more often than not. BALT is coming off a bye. BALT 8-3 ATS since 2007 wk after their bye. BALT 9-1 SU & 8-2 ATS @HOME after their bye since 2002. Before their bye, they manhandled SEA in SEA. But it was mostly on the run game. BALT QB Lamar Jackson complete only nine passes but it was his running that neutralized SEA. NE needs to stop him from taking off. NE is cgoing on a bye and will prepare for the 2nd half. NE 8-4 ATS since 2007 before their bye. NE schedule is a little harder in the 2nd half with opponents like @PHILLY, DAL, @HOU & KC. L7 NE vs BALT, NE 6-1 SU & 5-1-1 ATS. NE 19-14-2 ATS L35 as a ROAD FAV. NE 32-34 ATS as a FAV in NOV. NE 34-26 ATS AWAY in NOV. NE 13-14-1 ATS as a FAV on SNF. NE 16-8 ATS AWAY on SNF. NE 8-1-1 ATS L10 vs AFC NORTH. BALT 5-4 ATS L9 as a HOME DOG. BALT 31-25 ATS @HOME in NOV. BALT 26-26 ATS as a DOG in NOV. BALT 0-4 ATS on SNF vs opp off DD SU win. BALT 6-8 ATS @HOME on SNF. BALT 8-7 ATS as a DOG on SNF. This is the first real test for NE in 2019. They have had pretty much of a lollipop schedule so far and NE has had some tough games with BALT in the past. The key to this game for NE is having someone on the NE DEF shadow BALT QB Lamar Jackson so he can’t just take off. SEA had LB Bobby Wagner shadow him some of the time and it kept Jackson from taking off but SEA didn’t stick to the plan and Jackson went wild with 116 yds, 1TD on 14 rushes. BALT #1 RUSH OFF. This cannot happen if NE wants to win this game. For NE as well, execution of TDS rather than fgs will put BALT on its back. There is pressure on NE because if they falter in this game, the critics will say that NE was winning on a soft schedule. Stat you will like: BALT 1-8 ATS vs non-div opp off BB SUATS wins. But if they win convincingly the critics will question BALT and give NE the SuperBowl trophy. Lay the points here as NE HC Bill Belichick, QB Tom Brady & the NE DEF take care of business.

THE PICK: NE-3                                         5 STARS      

Monday November 4th, 2019 8:15pm

Dallas Cowboys (4-3), (4-3) ATS, (1-2) AWAY, (1-2) ATS @ NY Giants (2-6), (3-5) ATS, (1-3) HOME, (1-3) ATS                                             NYG+7

LW, NYG played catchup the whole game @DET & lost 31-26. Every time they seemed to be within reach DET pulled away. NYG QB Daniel Jones had a very good game, 28-41, 322 yds, 4TDS, 0INTS but had a fumble that was returned for TD by DET. This happened early in the game but turned out to be the difference in the game. Jones’s stats may be deceiving because NYG was playing catchup the whole game and never at any point in the game had the lead. NYG Saquon Barkley did more damage in the air than he did on the ground, catching 8 passes for 79 yds and 1td. DET QB Matt Stafford had 1INT but was turned into a td by DET when Daniel Jones fumbled three plays later. NYG haven’t had the season they would have liked so far and is not that easy going forward. DAL is coming off a bye. DAL 8-4 ATS since 2007 wk after their bye. Before their bye DAL destroyed PHILLY on SNF 37-10. DAL got WRS Amari Cooper & Randall Cobb back which made a big difference in their attack. They were not available the week before vs NYJ. RB Ezekial Elliott wa able to run wild for 111 yds & 1td vs a PHILLY DEF that had no answers. DAL QB Dak Prescott actually played well and only missed on six passes going 21-27 & 239 yds. He should be psyched for this game. L12 NYG(H) vs DAL, NYG 5-7 SU & 6-6 ATS. L21 DAL vs NYG , ROAD 10-10-1 ATS. L5 DAL vs NYG, DAL 5-0 SUATS. DAL 14-9-1 ATS L24 as a ROAD FAV. DAL 44-29 ATS as a FAV in NOV. DAL 24-26 ATS AWAY in NOV. DAL 28-20 ATS vs NFC EAST in NOV. DAL 8-9 ATS as a ROAD FAV on MNF. NYG 9-15 ATS L24 as a HOME DOG. NYG 20-35 ATS @HOME in NOV. NYG 16-33-1 ATS as a DOG in NOV. NYG 20-26 ATS vs NFC EAST in NOV. NYG 10-4 ATS as a DIV DOG 4>pts. NYG 2-5 ATS as a DOG on MNF. These two teams played opening weekend with DAL winning 35-17 @DAL. Normally I would say that there is a revenge factor but, DAL has most of their players rested and ready to go. NYG hasn’t beaten anyone with a winning record and I don’t see that happening here. Daniel Jones will get his usual guys involved, Barkley, TE Evan Engram & WR Golden Tate but, DAL will be waiting. Lay the points as DAL is coming off a bye and is well rested. NYG WR Sterling Shepard is still questionable with his concussion that he suffered a few weeks ago. NYG have nothing to lose so there is no pressure on them. DAL has to execute on every opportunity and do to NYG what they did to PHILLY. DAL is competing with PHILLY for a playoff spot and need to keep that winning form. Lay the points here.

THE PICK: DAL-7                                      5 STARS