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SUNDAY FEBRUARY 7th, 2021 at Tampa, Florida  6:30 pm

(1) Kansas City Chiefs vs (5) Tampa Bay Buccaneers           TB+3

So here we are. QB Tom Brady is back in the SuperBowl for the 10th time. At the beginning of this season, did anyone think that TB would be playing in the SuperBowl? They didn’t win their division, the NFC SOUTH, so they had to play all their playoff games on the road, no problem. They won @WASH, @NO & @GB. Now Brady goes for his 7th SuperBowl ring. TB HC Bruce Arians & his coaching staff have done a superb job in planning and coaching a mix of players who have certainly been uplifted by Brady’s presence. At this time last year, we were looking at Brady as being done. Boy, was everyone wrong. TB had an 11-5 record during the regular season, losing 2x to NO, @CHI, vs LAR & KC. But they improved their DEF tremendously to TB #6 TOT DEF w/ #1 RUSH DEF. TB OFF is #7 TOT OFF w/ #2 PASS OFF. Arians said that it took some time adjusting to Brady’s way of play and vice versa for Brady on Arians style of coaching. But, it all worked out in the end because here they are in the SuperBowl. KC had another great season after winning the SuperBowl last season. KC was the #1 seed in the AFC with a 14-2 record, so they only had to play two games @HOME to get to the SuperBowl. They beat CLEVE & BUFF. KC QB Pat Mahomes had another fine season as he already plays like an elite QB at a very young age. He also makes everyone on the team better. TE Travis Kelce has become a consistent ALL-PRO since Mahomes has been the QB. WR Tyreek Hill has also become an ALL-PRO as it seems that once he gets behind a DEF, no one can catch him. KC #1 TOT OFF w/#1 PASS OFF. The DEF for KC has gotten better but is susceptible to the big play. S Tyrann Mathieu who has been ALL-PRO in his two seasons in KC has definitely given the secondary that lift that it was missing before. Plus, the D-LINE has been a factor in pressuring opposing QBs these last couple of seasons more than in seasons prior. All in all KC is a hard team to beat when they put everything together. These two teams met in wk 12 @TB with KC winning 27-24. However, the final score doesn’t tell the real story. KC stormed out to a 17-0 lead in the 1st qtr and it looked like KC was going to blow TB out by halftime. However, KC then sort of shifted to coasting the rest of the way and let TB back into it. TB played catchup the rest of the game but, didn’t make it all the way back. I’m sure that Brady & CO. would like to have that game back. Mahomes is off to a great start in his NFL career having won an MVP in 2018 and the SuperBowl last year. This is a matchup of the old man and the young stud go head to head and Brady still has some tricks up his sleeve. Brady has a whole book of plays that goes back 20 years and you may see a play or two that he hasn’t shown in a number of years, so get ready. For TB, it’s all about stopping Mahomes & CO. That includes TE Travis Kelce & WR Tyreek Hill. It’s also about long OFF drives for TB that keep Mahomes off the field. Mahomes is dangerous and just when you think you have him down, he surprises you. Brady & Mahomes have played each other 4x times with each winning 2x. The key for TB is pressuring Mahomes and making sure that he doesn’t have time to get the ball to his favorite receivers. Also, TB has to score tds every time they get the ball. They cannot settle for fgs, because that will not beat KC. The key for KC is scoring early and often and making TB get away from their game plan and having them play catchup. This will be an exciting game no doubt but I think TB will win outright in the end.

THE PICK: TB+3                                        5 STARS