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Week 1



Looked like a monster week going into MON night at 9-4-1 but Mon didn’t work out as planned, ended up 9-6-1 but I’ll take it for Week 1.

                                             MY PICK


Baltimore Ravens      27        @        49        Denver Broncos        DEN-7 ½               W 

Peyton 7TDs, 0 INTS. BALT DEF shredded in the 2nd half. However, DEN only ran for 65 yds.


New England Patriots      23 @        21        Buffalo Bills              NE-9                         L

A lot of mistakes on both sides of the ball. BUFF showed toughness  but NE fg at the end of the gm clinched it.         


Cincinnati Bengals    21        @        24        Chicago Bears           CINCY+3                P

CINNCY up 24-10 self destructs and also gets penalized.     


Miami Dolphins         23        @        10        Cleveland Browns     MIA-Pickem         W

Tannehill looked good. CLEVE looked lost.  Weeden 3 INTS. No running gm for either team.         


Atlanta Falcons         17        @        23        New Orleans Saints     N.O.-3                  W

Battle going back & forth. HC Sean Payton happy to be back w/N.O. N.O. stop ATL drive w/seconds on the clock in the 4th qtr.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers  17  @        18        New York Jets            T.B.-3                     L

Very sloppy on both sides w/many penalties. QB Freeman very inconsistent.       


Tennessee Titans       16        @        9          Pittsburgh Steelers     TENN+7               W

PITT loses C Pouncey & LB Foote for the yr. Big Ben sacked 5x.         


Minnesota Vikings    24        @        34        Detroit Lions               MINN+5                L

Big debut for RB Reggie Bush as DET pulls away. Ponder, terrible game.


Oakland Raiders       17        @        21        Indianapolis Colts      INDY-9 ½              L

Luck pulls it out as QB Pryor ran for 112 yds.  Should not have been close.                


Seattle Seahawks       12        @        7          Carolina Panthers      SEA-3                   W

Sloppy game on both sides. But a win is a win. Up next for SEA, SF.


Kansas City Chiefs    28        @        2          Jacksonville Jaguars   KC-4                    W

Jags couldn’t do anything right. KC balanced attack too much for JAGS.               


Arizona Cardinals     24        @        27        St. Louis Rams           ARZ+4 ½              W                                                                                                                                       STL was down 24-13 but came back w/fg w/:40 left in 4th qtr to win gm but no cover.


Green Bay Packers   28        @       34         San Francisco 49ers   SF-4 ½               W                

L3, SF 3-0 SU & 3-0 ATS vs GB. A fg w/:25 left in 4th qtr covers the spread. This was battle back & forth.


New York Giants      31        @        36        Dallas Cowboys          DAL-3 ½                W

6 turnovers for the Giants including a PICK6 for Eli towards the end of the gm sealed it for DAL. DAL DEF gave up 450 yds passing. But the turnovers were the key.                         


Philadelphia Eagles   33        @        27        Washington Redskins   WAS-3 ½            L

PHILLY pulled out to a 33-7 lead & watched WASH fight back but it was too much for WASH to muster. Fumbles by WASH RB Morris put WASH in a hole early.


Houston Texans         31        @        28        San Diego Chargers      HOU-4                L

HOU DEF rusty in the 1st half plus a Schaub INT dug a big hole for HOU who had to fight their way back for a win but no cover.            

Week 2

WEEK 2 9-7 ATS. Some games were close others were just a matter of when it would end. Another week above .500. My BEST BETS are now 1-1.                                                                                MY PICK

NY Jets          10                    @        13        NE Patriots          JETS+12                     W

A very sloppy game on both sides but I was right, JETS kept it close. PATS, no pts in the 2nd half.


St. Louis Rams          24        @        31        Atlanta Falcons     ATL-6 ½                    W

ATL up 24-3, they coast to the win. RB Stephen Jackson had to leave the gm, hopefully not serious. Matt Ryan was sacked 2x but ATL needed to get back on track. WR Julio Jones 11recs 182 yds. Ryan 374yds passing 0ints.


Carolina Panthers     23        @        24        Buffalo Bills         BUFF+3                     W

CAR lead most of this gm & I said it would be close that’s why I liked BUFF+3. CAM was sacked 6x. Mario William had 4 ½ of those sacks. EJ Manuel led a last minute 80yd TD drive to win the game. Great composure by the young QB. Bills C.J. Spiller also rushed for 103 yds.


Minnesota Vikings    30        @        31        Chicago Bears       CHI-6                       L

Sloppy game on both sides. MINN hadn’t won @CHI since 2007 & it took a last minute td by Cutler to win the game. Cutler 2 INTS, 1 Lost Fumb. Forte also a lost FUMB. CHI should have rolled over MINN who are a terrible road team.


Washington Redskins 20      @        38        GB Packers                   GB-7 ½              W

This gm was a blowout for GB who needed the win after losing @ SF WK 1.  The gm wasn’t even this close & RG III still looks rusty. Rodgers 4TDS, 0INTS. Stats for WASH very misleading.  


Miami Dolphins         24        @        20        Indianapolis Colts         INDY-3              L

MIA DEF holds INDY & Luck to only 3 pts in the 2nd half.  WR Wallace 9/115 yds & 1 TD. QB Tannehill 319 yds, 0INTS, 1 Lost FUMB.


Dallas Cowboys         16        @        17        KC Chiefs                      DAL+3              W

I said this gm would be close but I felt that KC would prevail. I like the pts. KC no turnovers. DAL 37 yds rushing, terrible. WR Dez Bryant good day, KC holds on.


Cleveland Browns     6          @        14        Baltimore Ravens         BALT-6 ½         W

CLEVE up 6-0 at half. Weeden had to leave the gm sacked 5x. RB ray Rice also left w/a hip injury. Low scoring affair, BALT DEF keeps CLEVE out of endzone.


Tennessee Titans       24        @        30 OT Houston Texans         HOU-9                  L

HOU had to go to OT to win this one. HOU should have rolled all over TENN but Schaub had 2 INTS including a PICK6 which had HOU to come from behind when they could have put it out of reach. Deandre Hopkins had 7 rec 117 yds & the game winning TD reception in OT.  TENN played tough & Jake Locker had no turnovers.


San Diego Chargers 33        @        30        Philadelphia Eagles   PHILLY-7 ½       L

This was an air show going back & forth. Rivers 36/47 419 yds 3tds, 0INTS. Vick 23/36 428 yds 2tds, 0INTS. Game went back & forth until BOLTS Novak kicked a 46yd fg w/:07 left to win @PHILLY. PHILLY can score but they need to find a DEF.


Detroit Lions              21        @        25        Arizona Cardinals        DET-1          L         

DET up 21-13 in 3rd qtr but score no more, ARZ rallies & win the gm. Stafford & Palmer both had good games but ARZ didn’t lay down after trailing and tightened up their DEF especially on RB Bush who left the gm in the 2nd qtr after taking a helmet to the knee and played briefly in the 2nd half.


NO Saints                   16        @        14        TB Buccaneers        N.O.-3 ½                   L

Drew Brees threw a PICK6 when leading which turned this gm around & could have won it for T.B. He had 2 INTS altogether. However, QB Freeman had a terrible game 9/22 125yds 1td 1int & 1 FUMB.  Doug Martin had a great game rushing for 144yds on 29 carries. NO rushing was non existent but it should have been a rout. NO kicked a 27 yd fg w/:00 on the clock to win it but not cover.


Jacksonville Jaguars    9       @        19        Oakland Raiders         JAGS+5 ½          L

RB McFadden runs all over JAGS 19/129 yds. RB Maurice Jones-Drew left w/a ankle sprain. No turnovers for JAGS & decent game for Henne w/ 1td. JAGS really banged up as well. Doesn’t look good for JAGS going into SEA.


Denver Broncos         41        @        23        NY Giants                 DEN-4 ½               W

For a 2nd straight game DEN has made the adjustments & ran away with it in the 2nd half. They outscored NYG 31-14 in the 2nd half. Peyton now 3-0 SU & 3-0 ATS vs Eli. 23 yds Rushing for G-MEN will not cut it. 4 INTS for Eli, that’s 7 in the 1st 2 games. Peyton picked the G-MEN secondary apart in the 2nd half. DEN RB Knowshon Moreno also key 13 carries 93 yds., 2 tds. DEN Blowout.


SF 49ers         3                      @        29        Seattle Seahawks      SEA-3                   W

Total domination by SEA DEF. Russell Wilson didn’t have a great game completion wise but he didn’t force the ball, instead throwing it away instead. 3 INTS by Kaepernick. This game was close but SEA ran away with it in the 4th qtr.


Pittsburgh Steelers      10      @        20        Cincinnati Bengals    CINNCY-7          W

CINNCY held PITT to 0pts in the 2nd half & only 44 yds rushing. @ turnovers for PITT, 0 turnovers for CINNCY. CINNCY RB Giovani Bernard 1rushing TD, 1 receiving td. It wasn’t pretty but a win is a win.


Week 3


A wacky week. 8-8 ATS. A few upsets, who had CLEVE over MINN? SF looking like a mess & GIANTS completely in disarray.  

                                                       MY PICK


KC Chiefs          26                @        16        Philadelphia Eagles     K.C.+3 ½            W

KC never trailed in this gm. Vick sacked 5x. 3 ½ sacks by Justin Houston who also recovered 2 FUMBS. KC forced 5 turnovers. Vick threw a PICK6 & another INT. Vick also had 1 of PHILLY’s 3 lost FUMBs. Alex Smith had no Turnovers as either did the rest of KC. PHILLY DEF didn’t make the big plays when needed.


GB Packers                30        @        34        Cincinnati Bengals     GB -2 ½                 L

GB up 30-14 does everything from that point on to lose& does.


ST. Louis Rams      7             @        31        Dallas Cowboys       DAL-3 ½                 W

Game wasn’t even close. DAL up 24-0 before STL scored. DAL sacked Bradford 6x. Damarco Murray ran 26/175yds 1 TD. Romo 3tds, 0ints.


San Diego Chargers   17       @        20        Tennessee Titans      SD+3 ½                  W

SD up 17-10 loses but covers barely. Locker is looking like a leader pulling games out. Chris Johnson 90 yds rushing.


Cleveland Browns     31        @        27        Minnesota Vikings   MINN-5 ½               L

Who’d a thunk it? MINN getting beat @HOME by a 3rd string QB. Plus, CLEVE has 4TURNS & still wins. QB Hoyer had 3INTS & 3 TDS but the DEF for MINN gave up a lot of yds. Hoyer pulls it out w/a TD pass w/:51 left to win.


TB Buccaneers          3          @        23        NE Patriots          TB-7                              L

Freeman 19/41 236 yds 1INT. They can’t do anything right. Tom Brady makes it look easy as NE coasts.


Arizona Cardinals     7          @        31        NO Saints            NO-7 ½                         W

NO scores 31 unanswered pts after ARZ takes an early 7-0 lead. WR Jimmy Graham 9 rec 134 yds 2 tds. Brees 3 tds, 1 int. Palmer 2 INTS.


Detroit Lions              27        @        20        Washington Redskins   DET+2 ½           W

RG III looked better but still had 1INT & 1 FUMB that cost WASH big time. Stafford threw for 385 yds & 2 tds DET won in WASH for the 1st time since 1940s. Reggie Bush did not play in this gm.


NY Giants      0                      @    38                        Carolina Panthers  NYG+1½          L

G-MEN completely embarrassed by CAR. CAR sacked Eli 7x. CAM threw for 3tds ran for 1td. Deangelo Williams ran for 120 yds. GIANTS can’t stop anyone.


Houston Texans         9          @        30        Baltimore Ravens      HOU-2 ½               L

HOU is looking pretty bad. In the 2nd qtr they gave up a PICK6 & a long punt return for a TD. They looked lifeless out there while BALT looked invigorated to be home. HOU had to settle for 3 FGS. Schaub looked lost & HOU doesn’t look like the team from 2012.


Atlanta Falcons         23        @        27        Miami Dolphins        ATL+2 ½                L

MIA sacked Ryan 0x. ATL sacked Tannehill 5x. Each QB had an INT, Tannehill had a lost FUMB. So how did MIA win? Last minute TD drive w/a 1yd pass from Tannehill w/:38 left in the 4th.  ATL was in the redzone 5x & only converted twice. 


Buffalo Bills               20        @        27        NY Jets              BUFF+2 ½                     L

Up 20-6 JETS couldn’t put BUFF away & let BUFF tie it up before Geno Smith threw a 69 yd td in the 4th qtr, to Santonio Holmes to take the lead for good. BUFF couldn’t get anything going after that. No turnovers for BUFF despite 2INTSD for Geno Smith. JETS DEF sacked EJ Manuel 8x. JETS had total offense totaling 513 yds.


Indianapolis Colts     27        @        7          SF 49ers            SF-10                              L

Coach meets student. Student upsets coach. SF after a loss under Harbaugh was 7-0 SU & 5-1-1 ATS. For 2nd straight week SF was manhandled. Kaepernick had 1INT & 1 FUMB but Luck & company were very composed as newly acquired Trent Richardson scored his 1st td as a COLT. After 1st qtr COLTS just ran away with it. COLTS had 179 yds rushing w/3tds.


Jacksonville Jaguars 17        @                    Seattle Seahawks   45    SEA-19 ½         W

This gm was 31-0 before JAGS even scored. SEA @HOME too tough & JAGS going nowhere. Russell Wilson 4TDS, 1 INT. SE 479 TOT yds. BLOWOUT.


Chicago Bears           40        @        23        Pittsburgh Steelers      CHI-2 ½             W

CHI forced 5 turnovers. Big Ben had 2INTS, 1 PICK6 & 2 FUMBS also one returned for a TD. CHI sacked Big Ben 3x. CHI had 0 turnovers & Cutler made the plays when the game was close in the 4th qtr to pull away.


Oakland Raiders       21        @        37        Denver Broncos       DEN-15                  W

Peyton 3tds, DEN 30-7 in blowout let OAK have some garbage time scores but still cover. DEN 536 yds TOT OFF. Game never in doubt.


Week 4


My Best BET won NO over MIA 38-17. My 2 videos for both won & I went 8-7 ATS. Never listen to a JETS fans.



SF 49ers                     35        @        11        St. Louis Rams          STL+3                  L

18yds rush for STL is not going to cut it. It seems Stephen Jackson is a bigger loss than expected. SF needed this one big and proceeded to rout STL. This is the 3rd rout in a row for STL who seem to be going backwards from LY. Kaepernick got back on track throwing 2tds, 1 FUMB though. Bradford 1INT, 1 LOST FUMB. AT least they have JAGS NW @HOME.

Baltimore Ravens      20        @        23        Buffalo Bills               BALT-3                  L

Flacco throw 5INTS, tried to comeback but it wasn’t enough. BUFF ran for 203 yds w/Jackson & Spiller. Manuel a so-so day but it was the Turnovers by Flacco that cost them. BALT only rushed for 24 yds, pathetic.

Cincinnati Bengals    6          @        17        Cleveland Browns      CLEVE+4 ½        W

I always said CLEVE plays CINNCY tough. Hoyer gets it done 2tds, 0INTS. Dalton 1INT & 1 FUMB. CLEVE getting it done holding CINNCY to 63 yds rushing.

Chicago Bears           32        @        40        Detroit Lions            CHI+3                     L

Does Reggie Bush add something to DET? You bet, 139 yds rushing, 1td & 4 passes. DET ran away w/this gm & CHI had to play catchup the whole game. 3 INTS for Cutler & 1 FUMB. Stafford threw for 1td & ran for 1td. Big difference-Reggie Bush

NY Giants      7                      @        31        KC Chiefs               KC-4                         W

GIANTS 0-4, KC 4-0. Eli 2 lost FUMBS & 1 INT. Victor Cruz had a big day for the GIANTS, otherwise nothing else going on for them. Balanced attack for KC. GIANTS season is over. Alex Smith 3 tds, 2 INTS.

Pittsburgh Steelers    27        @        34        Minnesota Vikings       PITT-2                L

Cassel comes in 2tds 0INTS & leads the game for VIKES as PITT has to play catchup the whole gm. Peterson 140yds rushing 2 tds. PITT 0-4 can’t stop anyone.

Arizona Cardinals     13        @        10        TB Buccaneers             ARZ+3                W

TB up 10-0 w/ rook QB Glennon let ARZ have their way w/them in the 4th qtr. ARZ scores 13 points to win. Glennon 2ints, 1 FUMB. 2 teams going nowhere. TB 0-4.

Indianapolis Colts     37        @        3          Jacksonville Jaguars     INDY-8 ½         W

After INDY spotted JAGS 3-0 lead, they then score 37 straight pts. Gabbert 3INTS. It seemed like INDY scored at will. Richardson 60 yds rushing 1td. JAGS 0-4 & have scored 31 points in 4 gms.

Seattle Seahawks       23 OT @        20        Houston Texans        SEA-2 ½                W

SEA down 20-3 at half wake up from their coma & Richard Sherman gets a PICK6 after Schaub throws it up for grabs after some pressure & the Hawks win it in OT to go 4-0 SU & 4-0 ATS.

NY Jets           14                    @        38        Tennessee Titans      NYJ+4                    L

JETS were never in this & Geno looked like a rookie 2INTS & 2 FUMBS. Locker had a field day 3TDS, 0INTS but a hit later on his thigh, he was carted off. Fitzpatrick came in & threw a TD. If Locker is healthy they can do some damage. My mistake on this gm, I believed the hype here in NYC on the JETS & thought they would give TENN a gm.

Philadelphia Eagles   20        @        52        Denver Broncos       DEN-10 ½              W

DEN keeps rolling as Peyton has 16td, 0INTS thru 1st 4 games. PHILLY DEF can’t stop anyone as this gm looked liked MEN vs boys. DEN might have been able to score 60. I think they held back. DEN outscore PHILLY in 2nd half 31-7.

Dallas Cowboys         21        @        30        San Diego Chargers     DAL-2               L

DAL choked. They were up 21-10 in the 2nd qtr & looked good. Guess what? DAL couldn’t do a thing in the 2nd half, didn’t even score. SD made adjustments & shut out DAL in 2nd half 17-0 to win.

Washington Redskins 24      @        14        Oakland Raiders         OAK+3 ½           L

Matt Flynn & CO were up 14-0 then they decided they didn’t want to win the game & WASH scored 24 straight points. Flynn had a PICK6 & a LOST FUMB that contributed to the loss. RG III looked better & had no TURNS w/1 TD. Flynn was sacked 7x.    

NE Patriots                30        @        23        Atlanta Falcons            NE+2                  W

This gm wasn’t as close as the score shows because NE was up 30-13 w/about 5 minutes left & ATL had an onside kick and some things happen but CB Talib Qalib for NE was the hero here stopping ATL w/ATL looking at a 4th down w/:36 left. Brady & his no-name WRs do it again.

Miami Dolphins         17        @        38        NO Saints                     NO-6 ½                W

The Big story here was turnovers. Tannehill 3INTS, 1 lost Fumb & NO capitalized on all of it. Brees perfect 3-39 413 4TDS, 0INTS. Tannehill sacked 4x. NO L9 on MN 7-2 SU & 7-2 ATS. This gm was close early then NO ran away with it scoring 21 straight pts. 




8-4 ATS going into OAK & Rivers is Rivers. ATL showed their true colors & MIA comes up short when it could have gone their way. 8-6 ATS. 


                                                                                    MY PICK

Buffalo Bills               24        @        37        Cleveland Browns      CLEVE-4 ½         W

CLEVE QB Hoyer goes down but Weeden comes in & plays well leading the Browns. BUFF QB Manuel goes down also but BUFF was not able to recover. PR Travis Benjamin stellar night 1TD, 179yds. TJ Ward gets a Pick6 off BUFF QB Tuel late to seal the deal. Great game for CLEVE.


NO Saints                   26        @        18        Chicago Bears             NO-PICK’EM     W

SAINTS play mistake free football on the road & Brees & Sean Payton finally get their 1st win @CHI. CHI was playing catchup all day.


NE Patriots                6          @        13        Cincinnati Bengals      NE+1                     L

Brady’s streak of 52 straight gms w/a TD is stopped as CINNCY stifles PATS @HOME after they looked sluggish LW @CLEVE. PATS couldn’t get anything going.


Jacksonville Jaguars 20        @        34        St. Louis Rams             STL-11 ½            W

JAGS were knocking on the door but always make mistakes as this gm was close from the outset but STL finally took control & scored a TD late in the 4th to cover.


Baltimore Ravens      26        @        23        Miami Dolphins           MIA-2 ½              L

MIA came back from 10 down only to have a sack & a missed fg w/no time remaining to tie it. MIA lost an opportunity to catch up to PATS in AFC EAST.


Philadelphia Eagles   36        @        21        NY Giants                    PHILLY-2 ½      W

Eli had 3 INTS in the 4th qtr to give him 12 for the season. Foles came in for Vick & delivered 2tds, 0INTS to run away from the hapless GIANTS who fall to 0-5.


Detroit Lions              9          @        22        GB Packers                  DET+7                L

DET was w/o WR Calvin Johnson but should have kept things close. DET kept GB to 1TD. OFF was moving for DET, no turnovers but too much reliance on Calvin who was out w/a knee injury.


KC Chiefs                  26        @        17        Tennessee Titans         KC-3                    W

KC was up 13-0, then found themselves down 17-13 but put together some nice drives in the 4th qtr to take the lead & cover. Fitzpatrick in for Locker, 2INTS. Jamaal Charles good day running, 108 yds, 1td for KC.


Seattle Seahawks       28        @        34        Indianapolis Colts        INDY+3              W

This gm was a dog fight & went back & forth. Russell Wilson had a 1INT & 1 Lost FUM. Luck had a LOST FUMB but in the end INDY controlled the ball in the 4th qtr to put together some nice drives to win & give SEA their 1st loss.


Carolina Panthers     6          @        22        Arizona Cardinals       ARZ+2                W

Two teams going nowhere as Palmer & Newton both had 3 INTS each but ARZ made the best of them taking charge in the 2nd half. Newton also had a LOST FUMB. Is it time to change QBs in CAR? CAM sacked 7x.


Denver Broncos         51        @        48        Dallas Cowboys           DEN-7 ½              L

Thought DEN would run away w/it when it was 35-17 DEN in the 2nd? Think again. This was an OFF show as both teams DEF were on vacation but in the end Romo did what he normally does, throws an INT at a crucial moment late in the game & DEN ran out the clock & kicked a FG w/:00 on the clock. No cover for DEN but a win.


SD Chargers              17        @        27        Oakland Raiders          SD-4 ½               L

Rivers being Rivers threw 3INTS after having a nice gm vs DAL the week before. He gave the going nowhere RAIDERS hope and the game wasn’t even as close as the final score shows. SD was never in this one. 


Houston Texans         3          @        34        SF 49ers                         SF-6 ½             W

This gm was never even close as Schaub threw another PICK6 the first pass of the game & had 2 more INTS to bury the TEXANS in SF. Not a great game for Kaepernick but Frank Gore, Vernon Davis & the DEF of SF help bury HOU who couldn’t get anything going.


NY Jets                       30        @        28        Atlanta Falcons           ATL-10               L

ATL needed this gm & played like they were already in the playoffs. Their DEF was pathetic & their redzone play calling was questionable, again. This is a gm that ATL needed desperately & they didn’t show up. NYJ played like a championship team & made the plays when it counted. Forcing Matt Ryan to fumble when it looked like ATL could drive to take the lead was crucial. HC Mike Smith should be embarrassed about his play calling in the redzone because again it’s what cost him the game. Now ATL season is over & JETS are cruising.