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So it was a week where I went 10-6 ATS. As we get close to the end of he season the playoff picture is still a mess because no seeds have been clinched except for KC. FAVS went 9-7 ATS while the HOME TEAMS went 7-9 ATS. Looking forward to another good week.

                                                       MY PICK

Miami Dolphins         0          @        19        Buffalo Bills              BUFF+3                W

BUF  is tough to beat @HOME & MIA only manged around 100 yards of total off, terrible. They have the JETs next week & need a win plus some help to get into the playoffs. As for the BILLS, they play at NE & can play seed spoiler.


Minnesota Vikings    14        @        42        Cincinnati Bengals   CINNCY-7           W

CINNCY continued their dominance @HOME & finish up their season @HOME vs BALT. MINN goes home for the last game @ the Metrodome before moving while the new stadium is built.


Indianapolis Colts     23        @        7          KC Chiefs                 INDY+6 ½            W

For some reason in this rivalry, INDY plays well @KC. A blowout for INDY & KC needs to get back on track to be ready for the postseason.


TB Buccaneers          13        @        23        St. Louis Rams         STL-4 ½                W

Another lackluster performance by TB & STL takes advantage. STL actually pretty good at home as TB is just playing out the string.


Cleveland Browns     13        @        24        NY Jets                     NYJ-1 ½                 W

GENO plays smart as they spot CLEVE a 10-0 lead before turning on the motors. Rumor has it that Rex will be gone after the season but we’ll see. Last home game of season for JETS get a win.


Chicago Bears           11        @        54        Philadelphia Eagles   PHILLY-3            W

This game wasn’t even that close. When Devin Hester fumbled early on a return it set up a long night for CHI. Nick Foles continues to look good & set up the showdown with DAL for the NFC EAST next week in DAL.


Dallas Cowboys         24        @        23        Washington Redskins  WASH+3            W

DAL was lucky to get this win. On a 4th & goal from the 12 Romo threw a pass to Demarco Murray that he was able to score on & DAL came away with the victory. But, it came with a price, as Romo herniated a disc and is out for the remainder of the season. He will not be in the showdown at dal next week vs PHILLY. Kyle Orton will get the start at QB. QB Kirk Cousins continues to play well for WASH.


NO Saints                   13        @        17        Carolina Panthers       CAR-3                 W

NO road waries continue as CAR comes back to beat NO with a last second drive. It will come down to wk 17 to see who gets what position in the playoffs.


Tennessee Titans       20        @        16        Jacksonville Jaguars   TENN-5               L

TENN had to comeback vs the lowly JAGS & Henne threw another INT for TENN to win. But no cover here. Nothing to tell as both teams should go over some major overhaul over the off-season.


Denver Broncos         37        @        13        Houston Texans           DEN-10              W

Peyton breaks Brady’s record for td passes as DEN buries HOU. No big deal here.


Arizona Cardinals     17        @        10        Seattle Seahawks          SEA-10              L

ARZ DEF surprises SEA @HOME& SEA will need to blast the RAMS to get the #1 seed in the NFC & HOME field throughout the playoffs.


NY Giants                  23 OT @        20        Detroit Lions              NYG+9 ½             W

DET looked like the ineptitude team that they have been for the last two seasons & they certainly played like it in this game. NYG hung in there and beat DET in OT. Nothing special on both teams except that Stafford threw a PICK6 that got the GIANTS to the tie.


Pittsburgh Steelers    38        @        31        GB Packers                GB-2                      L

Many mistakes by GB let an opportunity to take control of the NFC North slip away. Rodgers is ready for the CHI in a win all game. PITT played well in this one & almost lost it.


Oakland Raiders       13        @        26        SD Chargers              OAK+10                L

OAK was actually leading in this gm as SD is looking to sneak into the playoffs. I had OAK at least covering. They were driving late in the gm and couldn’t convert a backdoor cover.


NE Patriots                41        @        7          Baltimore Ravens      BALT-2 ½             L

NE off a bounceback loss destroyed BALT @BALT. BALT looked lost @times & Flacco was definitely not 100%. Running game was terrible as NE played like world beaters.


Atlanta Falcons         24        @        34        SF 49ers                     SF-12 ½               L

SF looked shaky in the first half trailing 10-3 but turned on the juice in the 2nd half. Unfortunately so did ATL with nothing to lose and almost beat SF in the last game at Candlestick. A nice defensive play & a return by LB Navarro Bowman sealed the deal for SF but no cover.



9-7 ATS. HOME TEAMS 9-7 ATS. FAVS 10-6 ATS. Good way to end the season. Some disappointments here but it’s always to be expected.

                                                                                                                                     MY PICK


Carolina Panthers     21        @        20        Atlanta Falcons           CAR-6                  L


GB Packers                33        @        28        Chicago Bears             GB-2 ½                 W

Rodgers comes back in flying fashion. On the last drive, GB had 3 4th down plays that they ran successfully to continue the winning drive. The last play was 4th & 8 at their own 48 & WR Randall Cobb was wide open & Rodgers threw him a bullet & GB scored & won. Eddie Lacy is a big factor for GB because it takes a lot of pressure off Rodgers to throw all the time.


Baltimore Ravens      17        @        34        Cincinnati Bengals       CINNCY-6         W

CINNCY continued their 2013 dominance at home. This game was actually tied 17-17 in the 4th qtr when CINNCY exploded & Flacco threw a PICK6. No playoffs for BALT as they finished 8-8 & CINNCY at least gets a home game in the playoffs.


Philadelphia Eagles   24        @        22        Dallas Cowboys            PHILLY-6 ½      L

Backup QB Kyle Orton was having a good game for DAL when suddenly he reverted back to Tony Blomo & threw an INT that could have changed the game for DAL but instead sealed it for PHILLY. DAL DEF was actually playing well for a change but could not muster enough as PHILLY won but did not cover.


Houston Texans         10        @        16        Tennessee Titans          HOU+7               W

HOU clinched #1 pick in the 2014 NFL Draft as Schaub threw 2 more INTS to end a disastrous season for HOU. 14 straight defeats for a team that was picked by many to go to the SuperBowl. Well, at least they covered this game. TENN had many disappointments as well & the injury to Locker did not help as well.  

Jacksonville Jaguars 10        @        30        Indianapolis Colts       JAGS+11 ½         L


Cleveland Browns     7          @        20        Pittsburgh Steelers      PITT-7                W

PITT played like they had a chance & they played well against the Browns but, with KC losing SD was in & PITT was out.


NY Jets                       20        @        7          Miami Dolphins          NYJ+6 ½             W

Road team in this rivalry has the advantage. L9 road team is 8-1 ATS. MIA blew a chance to make the playoffs & JETS ended what looked like a losing season at 8-8.


Detroit Lions              13        @        14        Minnesota Vikings      MINN-3               L

A meaningless game without Adrian Peterson for the last game at the Metrodome. DET ends another disastrous season as does MINN.


Buffalo Bills               20        @        34        NE Patriots                  BUFF+9 ½           L


TB Buccaneers          17        @        42        NO Saints                    NO-12 ½               W

NO is almost impossible to beat in the dome and this one was close for about 2 seconds in the 2nd qtr before NO went on to score at will. TB, another disastrous season under Schiano who was fired the next day. NO has to go on the road to PHILLY for the wild card game.


Washington Redskins 6        @        20        NY Giants                   WASH+3 ½          L


SF 49ers                     23        @        20        Arizona Cardinals      ARZ+1 ½              L


KC Chiefs                  24        @        27 OT SD Chargers               KC+10                  W

Because SD wasn’t called for an illegal lineup against a fg by KC that was missed, SD won in OT & PITT was denied the playoffs. Doesn’t matter, KC will be an early exit.


St. Louis Rams          9          @        27        Seattle Seahawks        SEA-10 ½             W


SEA got back on track and dominated the RAMS @HOME. They clinched #1 seed in the NC w/Home field throughout the playoffs. Consolation for STL is they have WASH 2nd pick in the draft to get a new QB. Some positives that hopefully will take the RAMS to a winning season in 2014. For SEA a Superbowl title in 2013.


Denver Broncos         34        @        14        Oakland Raiders        DEN-12 ½            W

This game was never in doubt as DEN was leading 34-0 before OAK woke up & Peyton was already on the sidelines. DEN got #1 seed& a week off. OAK gets another losing season & will see if things finally change.                                                             



                                                                                                        MY PICK

Kansas City Chiefs    44        @        45        Indianapolis Colts       INDY-2 ½            L

Down 38-10 in the 3rd qtr, INDY started to come back & held KC to only 6 points the rest of the way. INDY outscored KC 35-6 as KC DEF was non-existent the rest of the way as Luck put the team on his shoulders. On to NE.

New Orleans Saints   26        @        24        Philadelphia Eagles     PHILLY-2 ½       L

PHILLY made a nice run & was winning late in the game 24-23 but gave Brees too much time to go down the field & kick a fg w/:00 on the clock. PHILLY didn’t make a stop when they needed late and actually could have won but not covered. Oh well.

San Diego Chargers  27        @        10        Cincinnati Bengals      CINNCY-7           L

Big disappointment for Dalton & CINNCY as they blow a 10-7 lead which could have been bigger. Dalton 2ints & 1 fumb & CINNCY could not recover. Plus, SD ran the ball like crazy on CINNCY as Dalton dug a hole they couldn’t get out of. Also, play calling for CINNCY suspect at times. Complete falldown by CINNCY.

San Francisco 49ers  23        @        20        Green Bay Packers     SF-2 ½               W 

Kaepernick was the hero in this game as he ran for 98 yds while throwing for 2 tds as the DEF for SF made some key stops of GB. L4 vs GB, SF 4-0 SU & 4-0 ATS. SF drove down the field late & kicked a fg to win. Smart runs by Kapernick led to the win. All-around team effort by SF does it again.  



Not a bad weekend, 3-0-1 ATS. I would have been 4-0 if it wasn’t for a dummy td that NO scored on a 4th down w/:26 to play in the game. It would have been a clean sweep. But a PUSH is better than a loss. Looking forward to Brady-Manning.

                                                                                                            MY PICK

New Orleans Saints   15        @        23        Seattle Seahawks       SEA-8                    P

A dummy td at the end made it a push. SEA was in control of this gm for most of it even though it looked like NO would make a run. SEA OFF is not as potent as some like to believe. Percy Harvin left with a concussion after only appearing in 1 game this season. RB Marshawn Lynch for SEA was the difference 28/140 yds 2tds. Game breaking 31 yd td run w/2:40 left sealed it but it was close to the end.

Indianapolis Colts     22        @        43        New England Patriots   NE-7                  W

Who would think that NE would score 43 & Brady would have 0tds? As I said RB Legarrette Blount was the difference 24/166 yds 4tds. Plus a td run of 73 yds, no one was even close. Luck had 4INTS. NE DEF was there to make plays. INDY run game not a factor. NE goes to their 3rd straight AFC Championship game.

San Francisco 49ers  23        @        10        Carolina Panthers          SF+1                 W

SF is the most dangerous wild-card team. I said CAM would be a little nervous but Colin has been there. The SF shut down CAR & they didn’t score a point in the 2nd half. Heck they didn’t score within the redzone. SF DEF too much as they sacked CAM 5x. After SF took the lead, they never looked back.

San Diego Chargers  17        @        24        Denver Broncos             SD+9 ½              W

Game looked like a runaway when DEN was up 17-0 but, SD opened it up & if they had made a crucial stop SD could have tied the game. Rivers looked better in the 4th qtr than the rest of the game. Manning & CO had some chances but SD stayed tough. A cover is a cover.  




New England Patriots   16    @        26        Denver Broncos           NE+5 ½                L

NE game plan from the beginning was conservative. Should have spread it out. DEN went with their strength which was the pass. No pressure on Peyton and he picked apart NE secondary. Brady missed a few passes that should have been made. I thought DEN would win but the score would be closer. Peyton will have his hands full vs SEA.

San Francisco 49ers      17    @        23        Seattle Seahawks         SF+3 ½           L

Game came down to the wire but along the way Kaep made a couple of mistakes. He should have ran more in the 2nd half because SEA didn’t stop him in the 1st half & he ended up running for 130 yds. SF was tough but gave up a td on 4th & 7. That was a big play for SEA. SF had their opportunity & they should have won this gm. They were up 10-0 & needed to put the pressure on SEA but, they let them hang around. SEA is geared up because their DEF line is better than DEN OFF line. 



                                       MY PICK