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Absolutely no consistency in the NFL. Teams that are supposed to win, lose & teams that are crap, win. What to make of it? Some weeks are better than others. HOME teams 10-2-3, FAVS 8-4-3. Very sloppy for some teams with many turnovers. 3 pushes TW. 3 FAVS who could only tie. 

                                                  MY PICK

Indianapolis Colts     30        @        27        Tennessee Titans       INDY-3                  P

INDY down 17-3 wakes up again to score 17 straight of their own, as INDY wins big on the road. TENN Chris Johnson 17/86 2 tds.


NY Jets                       14        @        37        Buffalo Bills               NYJ+1                    L

NYJ can’t put together 2 wins in a row & a lot of their troubles have been on the road. JET were never in this one as EJ Manuel had a very nice day, 20/28 245 yds 2td 0ints. Geno Smith TERRIBLE 8/23 103 yds, 0tds 3ints, 1 fumb, Pick6 sacked 4x. 


Baltimore Ravens      20        @        23 OT Chicago Bears           CHI-3                      P

This gm was delayed by weather for 2 hours. Ray Rice found his running gm & ran for 25/131 1 td. This gm went back & forth on a muddy field but 2INTS by Flacco cost them as one was a PICK6. CHI needed OT as BALT kicked a fg w/:03 left on the clock to send it to OT. 


Cleveland Browns     20        @        41        Cincinnati Bengals    CLEVE+6              L

After taking a 13-0 lead, CINNCY went on a 31-point run in the 2nd qtr to blow this gm out. Jason Cambpell 3 INTS, Dalton 2INTS. Sloppy on both sides but CLEVE made the bigger mistakes & this gm became a blowout @HOME for CINNCY.


Atlanta Falcons         28        @        41        TB Buccaneers           ATL -1 ½               L

ATL season over as they were never in this & Mattie ICE threw a PICK6 to go along w/his other int. TB RB Bobby Rainey comes in for 2 injured RBs & goes 30/163 yds 2tds & then catches another td. TB on 2 gm winning streak. In 3rd qtr, TB up 38-6. ATL wishes season were over.


Arizona Cardinals     27        @        14        Jacksonville Jaguars   JAGS+8                L

JAGS up 14-7 in the 1st qtr don’t do shit the rest of the way. Yeah I said it, I didn’t think they would win but I thought they would at least keep it close for a cover. JAGS should blow up the team. They couldn’t beat a team that only had 14 yds rushing. Henne his usual miserable self 2ints, 1td.


Oakland Raiders       28        @        23        Houston Texans          OAK+7                W

OAK pulled away in the 3rd qtr of this one. OAK QB McGloin 18/32 197 yds 3tds 0ints. Case Keenum pulled for Schaub who didn’t do much damage & almost pulled out a win but HOU has other problems. OAK held HOU to 1 OFF td. HOU has lost 8 straight.


SD Chargers              16        @        20        Miami Dolphins          SD-1 ½                   L

SD couldn’t pull it out w/a last second pass in the endzone gone incomplete. SD held to 1 td as they again can’t get it into the endzone. MIA bounces back from the loss @TB. Each QB had 1 INT.


Washington Redskins 16      @        24        Philadelphia Eagles     WASH+4 ½          L

After spotting PHILLY a 24-0 lead WASH tried to comeback in the 4th but it was too little to late. RGIII had 1 fumb & 1 INT that sealed it for PHILLY. Bad decision on the throw by RG III cost WASH  a possible comeback & a cover. Nick Foles 0ints in the win. 


Detroit Lions              27        @        37        Pittsburgh Steelers      DET-2 ½              L

HC Jim Schwartz is an idiot. Up 27-23 goes for a fake fg, turns it over & doesn’t score a point at all letting PITT take over & win by 10. He should say it was a bad call as everyone has said but, he sticks by it, that’s why DET is going nowhere. DET should have won easily but instead they lose & Megatron 0 catches in the 2nd half after having 179 yds & 2 tds in the 1st half. DET DEF made Roethlisberger look like Brady.


KC Chiefs                  17        @        27        Denver Broncos          DEN-8                  W

This gm was never in doubt for DEN. The pass DEF was crucial for DEN as KC looked to throw the ball downfield, DEN secondary was there. KC did not sack Peyton once but DEN sacked KC QB Alex Smith 3x. Peyton took what the KC DEF gave him, nothing special just textbook.


Minnesota Vikings    20        @        41        Seattle Seahawks        MINN+13              L

MINN was playing w/SEA until :10 left in the 2nd qtr when SEA broke away. 2nd half disaster for MINN as SEA just poured it on w/a PICK6. Ponder was pulled for Casell but w/4 turnovers for MINN turned into 20 SEA pts, it’s hard to win. Ponder 2 INTS, 1 FUMB. Cassel 1 INT.  Great gm for SEA, bad gm for MINN. SEA Lynch rushed for 2tds caught one more.


SF 49ers                     20        @        23        NO Saints                 NO-3                        P

Sloppy gm for NO w/3 turnovers that turned into 17 pts for SF. SF up 20-14 in the 4th qtr, NO stormed back w/3 fgs & one w/:00 left to win but a PUSH. In the dome NO is very tough. NO DEF made stops late in the gm that they needed to get the ball back.


GB Packers                13        @        27        NY Giants                 GIANTS-5              W

This gm was close in the 4th but Jason Pierre-Paul called an INT & delivered an INT PICK6 which sealed the gm for NYG. GB QB Tolzien had 3 INTS 0tds as GB has lost 3straight w/o Rodgers.


NE England Patriots    20     @        24        Carolina Panthers     NE+2 ½                 L

Tough game for NE to lose but a good game by CAM & CO. He ran some nice keepers on some critical 3rd downs which kept a couple of drives alive & kept CAR from losing. Brady did his best to storm back & almost pulled another rabbit out of the hat but was stopped short.  




Another wacky week in the NFL as the good teams are starting to distance themselves from the bad teams. I went 9-4-1 ATS, nice bounceback week. Let’s keep it going. HOME teams 5-9 ATS. FAVS 4-9-1 ATS. Bad teams play each other, it is hard to figure which one is better and which one is writing it in.

                                                    MY PICK

NO Saints                   17        @        13        Atlanta Falcons           NO-8 ½             L

NO could have blown the door wide open but they also made the stops of ATL when they needed. NO sacked Mattie ICE 5x. Only scoring by either team in the 2nd half was 3pts by NO. ATL played tight but their season is over.


Pittsburgh Steelers    27        @        11        Cleveland Browns        PITT+2             W

CLEVE QB Jason Campbell went down & in came Weeden who threw a Pick6. This game was all PITT as they had no turnovers & stopped CLEVE all day.


TB Buccaneers          24        @        21        Detroit Lions                TB+9                  W

Sloppy game by DET as Stafford had 4INTS (1 Megatron’s fault) but TB capitalized on all DET mistakes to win @DET. I thought TB +9 was too good to pass up. Stafford also threw a PICK6.


Minnesota Vikings    26        @        26 T    GB Packers                   GB-5                  L

MINN was up 23-7 when the roof caved in & Matt Flynn starting directing the OFF. GB came back & tied it at 23 w/a fg w/:46 left. GB had a chance to cover the spread in OT as they had a 3rd & goal from the one but couldn’t get it in & had to settle for a fg which MINN eventually tied.


SD Chargers              41        @        38        KC Chiefs                    KC-5                   L

This game went back & forth w/scoring as Smith battled Rivers but Rivers won w/a td pass w/:24 left o win after losing 3straight. KC has lost 2 straight & needs to change their game plan if they want that #1 seed. SD Danny Woodhead scored 2 tds and was instrumental on the last drive for SD. I figured KC would bounceback after their loss @DEN. KC Hali & Houston went down in this game which stopped KC’s pass rush cold. They have a combined 20 sacks this season. Without them in the lineup KC is doomed.


Chicago Bears           21        @        42        St. Louis Rams              STL-1                W

STL was fast out of the gate & CHI was playing catchup all day. STL RB Bennie Cunningham had a good day combined w/Zac Stacey & STL had no turnovers to double up CHI.


Carolina Panthers     20        @        16        Miami Dolphins              CAR-4              P

CAM & CO had a nice go ahead drive w/:43 left to beat out MIA but a PUSH. MIA up 16-3 in the 2nd qtr & did not score the rest of the way. Very tight game as CAR DEF stopped MIA cold in the 2nd half.


NY Jets                       3          @        19        Baltimore Ravens           BALT-3 ½       W

Another disaster gm for Geno as Rex goes 0-3 SU & ATS against his former team. BALT holds NYJ to just a fg as they couldn’t do anything right. BALT scores a td, late in the 3rd to seal the deal.  


Jacksonville Jaguars  13       @        6          Houston Texans              JAGS+10         W

As I said JAGS play HOU tough & whoever gave them +10 should be shot because HOU is terrible. JAGS probably could have scored more but HOU was inept at getting in the endzone & had to settle for 2 fgs. Two teams going nowhere.


Indianapolis Colts     11        @        40        Arizona Cardinals          INDY+2            L

This game was over from the start as ARZ was up 27-3 @halftime. Luck threw a Pick6 & you could turn your sets off from there. Luck & CO inconsistent on the road plus they really miss Reggie Wayne. ARZ Palmer had a good day 2tds, 0ints. He spread around his passes which had INDY DEF guessing all day.


Tennessee Titans       23        @        19        Oakland Raiders            TENN+1           W

Fitzpatrick had a nice winning drive & threw a td pass to WR Kendall Wright w/:10 left to get the win on the road @OAK. Fitzpatrick had a good day 30/42 320 yds 2 tds 0ints. Good win for TENN.


Dallas Cowboys         24        @        21        NY Giants                         DAL+2 ½       W

DAL made the necessary stops but GIANTS left too much time on the clock after they tied it up. DAL marched down the field & kicked a fg w/:00 on the clock to sweep the season series.


Denver Broncos         31        @        34 OT NE Patriots                       NE+2 ½          W

If you missed this game you’re not a football fan. DEN up 24-0 at half on 3 turnovers by NE looked like they had it easy. In the 2nd half NE DEF made a lot of stops & forced their own turnovers & Brady & CO came storming back. They actually took the lead & then DEN tied. This gm went back & forth in OT & a big turnover decided the game. Kudos to NE for not giving up. A game for the ages.


SF 49ers                     27        @        6          Washington Redskins      SF-5               W

Game was close for the 1st half then SF took control in the 2nd half & battered RG III. Kaepernick 15/24 235 yds 3tds 0ints. SF Boldin 5 rec/94 yds 2 tds. WASH DEF was terrible again.


Started out 2-1 on Thanksgiving. This week, won a gm by ½ point, lost a gm by 1 point & won a gm by 1 point. Palmer & Fitzpatrick their usual selves. JETS terrible & shouldn’t be relied upon for anything. WASH can’t hold on to the ball. GB might not win another. 8-8 ATS, FAVS 8-8, HOME TEAMS 7-9.  

                                                    MY PICK

GB Packers                10        @        40        Detroit Lions                GB+6                    L

Matt Flynn was not the Matt Flynn that rocked the Lions in his last meeting. The PACK was not the same either as the OFF LINE did not protect Flynn at all. Flynn was sacked 7x, 1 int & 2 Fumbs. Not agood day for Flynn as the PACK were actually winning this gm 10-3. Stafford had 2 INT & 1 Fumb but was able to regroup to rout the PACK & snap a 9-game Thanksgiving day losing streak.


Oakland Raiders       24        @        31        Dallas Cowboys            OAK+9 ½           W

OAK up 21-7 couldn’t stop DAL & their attack. But OAK kicked a fg late in the game to get the back door cover. 1st half OAK played well but DAL regrouped to win to run off 24 straight points before OAK kicked the fg. I said in this gm if OAK score 20 DAL would need to score 30. I was right on the money about that. DAL ran all over OAK running for 144 yds to OAK’s 50.


Pittsburgh Steelers    20        @        22        Baltimore Ravens         PITT+3              W

PITT DEF held BALT to 1td but they couldn’t get a 2pt conversion to tie w/the td & 1:00 left in the gm. These games are almost always decided by 3 points or less & I was confident PITT would make it close. Another cover late in the game.


TB Buccaneers          6          @        27        Carolina Panthers        TB+8 ½               L

CAR Def stopped TB everywhere even though CAM had 2 INTS. He recovered as well as the rest of CAR team. TB Glennon had 1int & 1 Fumb. TB couldn’t get anything going. CAR spread the ball around & torched TB secondary. CAR sacked Glennon 5x. This was a one sided affair after the 1st qtr. TB CB Revis was torched by CAM & had to leave gm on a dropped INT. 


Jacksonville Jaguars    32     @        28        Cleveland Browns         JAGS+7             W

As long as Weeden is the QB for CLEVE bet against them. He had 2ints & 1 fumb. This gm went back & forth & Henne had a nice drive w/a 20 yd winning td pass to Shorts III w/:40 left in the game. CLEVE WR Josh Gordon had 10 rec/261 yds 2tds in a losing effort.


Tennessee Titans       14        @        22        Indianapolis Colts         TENN+4 ½         L

The human turnover showed up once more to lose a gm. Fitzpatrick had 3ints 1 fumb as Tenn blew a golden opportunity to win one on the road. They had been perfect on the road TY but Fitzpatrick blew this one all by himself. On the last drive when TENN could have at least tied it w/a 2 pt conversion, Fitzpatrick threw an INT to someone playing centerfield. He plays like he is on the take. He’s terrible. INDY should have lost this gm as they were definitely outplayed in this one but the human turnover did his job.


Denver Broncos         35        @        28        KC Chiefs                      DEN-4                W

KC was up 21-7 in this gm & Peyton recovered from some early mistakes to pick KC DEF apart. KC no sacks of Peyton. Peyton passed for 403 yds 5tds 2ints. DEN RB Montee Ball ran 13/117 yds. DEN WR Decker big day, 8/174 yds 4 tds. Some dropped passes for KC were critical. DEN bounceback & take control of AFC West.


Chicago Bears           20        @        23 OT Minnesota Vikings        MINN-1             W

Missed fgs by both teams in OT finally led to MINN kicking one at the end of OT. MINN Peterson ran wild, 35/211 yds but no tds. Cassel came in for Ponder who suffered a concussion. CHI WR Alshon Jeffery 12/249 yds 2 tds vs MINN secondary, one of the worst in the league. CHI QB McCown had a good day in the loss 23/36 355 yds 2tds 0ints.


Miami Dolphins         23        @        3          NY Jets                          NYJ-1                 L

GENO had  another terrible start & was pulled for Matt Simms who didn’t do much better. Tannehill had a nice gm as they manhandled the JETS. Even though this gm was 6-0 @half MIA had 453 yds of total OFF to NYJ 177. MIA WR Brian Hartline had a nice day 9/127 1 td. MIA OFF LINE opened holes for RBS & only allowed 1 sack.


Arizona Cardinals     21        @        24        Philadelphia Eagles      ARZ+3 ½           W

PHILLY up 24-7 let ARZ get back into this one & blew the cover. Another good day for Nick Foles. He has 19tds 0ints so far this season. Palmer had 2ints & 1 fumb in the loss but made a game of it but the turnovers.


Atlanta Falcons         34  OT            @        31        Buffalo Bills        BUFF-3½           L

BUFF was up in this gm 17-7 & let ATL come back & take the lead. ATL RB Steven Jackson looked to be back in full strength as he ran 23/84 yds 2 tds. BUFF CJ Spillere went 15/149 yds 1 td. Fred Jackson add 11/42 yds 1 td. BUFF should have easily won this gm as they let ATL back into it & win in OT off another fumb.


St. Louis Rams          13        @        23        SF 49ers                         STL+9                 L

STL had some chances in this gm to keep it at least close but blew them & the SF DEF was just waiting. Not a good day for Clemens as he went 19/37 218 yds 1td 1 int. SF stays in the hunt for he wild card.


NE Patriots                34        @        31        Houston Texans            NE-7 ½                L

NE spotted HOU a 17-7 halftime lead then went to work in the 2nd half. NE took the lead & control in the 4th qtr but did not cover @HOU. HOU RB Ben Tate had a nice day 22/102 yds 3tds. WR Andre Johnson 8/121 yds 0tds. NE TE Gronkowski 6/121 yds 1 td & WR Edelman 9/101 0tds. HOU drops to 2-10 SU.


Cincinnati Bengals    17        @        10        SD Chargers                 SD-1 ½                 L

CINNCY not a good road team TY, held SD to 1td. SD WR Keenan Allen had a nice day 8/106yds but 0tds. CINNCY DEF played tough & kept SD out of the endzone.


NY Giants                  24        @        17        Washington Redskins   NYG-1               W

NYG gave WASH a 14-0 lead before they woke up & started playing some football. RG III was 16/17 before NYG sacked him 5x & put pressure all over him. WASH had some dropped balls that were critical & they were still in it towards the end but NYG closed the door & dropped WASH to 3-9.


NO Saints                   7          @        34        Seattle Seahawks         SEA-5 ½             W

This gm was never in doubt for SEA as they manhandled NO from the beginning. NO is a diff team on the road as a I stated. When SEA is @HOME on National TV they seem to turn it up a notch & Russell Wilson was great. They are looking to have Home Filed ADV throughout the playoffs & this was the first step. Brees was held to under 200 yds passing for the 1st time in 44 games. 


Weather was a factor at many outdoor stadiums. I went 9-7 ATS. FAVS went 10-6, HOME teams 10-6. ATL & MINN both dome teams cover in snowy weather, usually the opposite. MIA wins @PITT, unbelievable. All in all, playoff teams looking gain seeding as they look towards the playoffs. 

                                                   MY PICK

Houston Texans         20        @        27        Jacksonville Jaguars     HOU-3              L

The way HOU played they deserve to lose and that’s why they showed everyone that they are 2-11. JJ Watt was awesome but he can’t do it alone. That ROOKIE CB Swearinger was responsible for penalties that led to JAGS getting 3 points be fore the half which changed the game later for HOU. Instead of being down one, they were down four. Could have kicked a fg to win late but instead had to go for broke. HOU penalties 14/177 yds was totally unacceptable. HC Gary Kubiak will be gone at end of season for HOU. They need to clean house. JJ WATT should go to a contender.


Indianapolis Colts     28        @        42        Cincinnati Bengals      CINNCY-5 ½     W

CINNNCY was up 21-0 before INDY started to make a run but was never a real threat as CINNCY is really tough @HOME. Running game or INDY is pathetic as Luck was their leading rusher. Dalton had a perfect day as INDY had 0 sacks of Dalton. CINNCY 6-0 SU @HOME & 6-0 ATS.  


Buffalo Bills               6          @        27        TB Buccaneers            BUFF+2 ½         L

EJ Manuel 4ints as BUFF couldn’t do anything right. Glennon 9/25 90 yds 2tds 2ints, is this guy Geno Smith? BUFF never in it & 2 teams going nowhere. TB had 7 sacks of Manuel. BUFF had 1 sack of Glennon as BUFF let TB run for 165 yds & look like gangbusters.


KC Chiefs                  45        @        10        Washington Redskins       KC-3              W

This gm was KC 31-0 before WASH finally scored. KC had a punt return & kick return for tds. RG III was sacked 5x as Cousins was sacked 1x. KC Charles ran all over WASH 19/151 yds 1 td. WASH DEF horrible. KC up 38-10 @half.


Minnesota Vikings    26        @        29        Baltimore Ravens         BALT-6             L

Who thought this gm would turnout the way it did? MINN who is typically horrible on the road kept it close. With 2:05 left in the gm BALT scored 3tds & MINN scored 2 tds. BALT should have covered this gm even thought there was snow. Flacco had 3INTs. Peterson left w/a bad ankle but Gerhart filled in nicely. Wacky game as Flacco connects w/Marlon Brown in the endzone w/:04 left in the gm.


Cleveland Browns     26        @        27        NE England Patriots      CLEVE-11        L

CLEVE was up 19-3 before NE woke up. TE Gronkowski torn ACL out for the rest of the season. NE down 26-21 get the onside kick and then get a suspect Pass interference call in the endzone to get 1st & goal on the one. They score the winning td as CLEVE’s 52 yd fg w/:00 left was short. NE in DEC 13-12-1 ATS 2008-2013, not good. Kudos to Jason Cambpell for playing a great gm in the loss. Brady had 1int & 1 fumb in the comeback.


Atlanta Falcons         21        @        22        GB Packers                    GB-3                  L

GB finally won one w/o Rodgers but couldn’t cover against a dome team in the elements. GB down 21-10 @half after Flynn had thrown a PICK6 had to shut down ATL in the 2nd half. Sloppy gm for both sides. Flynn & Ryan both had 1 int & 1 fumb each.


Oakland Raiders       27        @        37        NY Jets                          OAK+3               L

OAK never really in this one as GENO finally complete more than 9 passes. He threw for 1 td & ran for another. Ed Reed got his 1st INT since last yr. OAK secondary was torched. Two teams going nowhere.


Detroit Lions              20        @        34        Philadelphia Eagles       PHILLY-2 ½    W

Game was played w/6 ½ inches of snow. DET was leading 8-0 @half & 14-0 in the 3rd. Then, PHI cam alive in the 4th qtr. They scores a td in the 3rd & 28 points in the 4th qtr to win by 14. A crazy game where PATs were not kicked. DET had 3 fumbs & Foles had his 1st INT of the yr. Lesean McCoy had 217 yds rushing & 2 tds & another td receiving. Stafford completed 10 passes while Foles completed 11.


Miami Dolphins         34        @        28        Pittsburgh Steelers          PITT-3            L

PITT deserved to lose this gm as they should have boucebacked hard vs MIA @HOME. They had opportunities all gm but let MIA run all over the field. Tannehill played decent & led the win as MIA RB Daniel Thomas went 16/105 yds 1 td. Tannehill threw a PICK6 to Polamalu. PITT terrible & should address their DEF in off-season.


Tennessee Titans       28        @        51        Denver Broncos               DEN-12           W

Is there any doubt in your minds that Peyton is on a mission? DEN was down 21-10 in the 2nd qtr, then DEN took over. A 64-yds fg by DEN Mike Prater & 4 tds by Peyton. They rolled over TENN. Team effort by DEN.  


NY Giants                  14        @        37        SD Chargers                     SD-3                W

NYG season has been over for a while but Coughlin doesn’t seem to acknowledge it. SD out to a 24-0 lead before NYG knew what was going on. Mistakes by OFF & DEF by NYG led to SD rolling.


Seattle Seahawks       17        @        19        SF 49ers                        SEA+3                W

I knew this would be a tight one but, I liked the points. If not for the run by Gore late, SEA holds on for the win. They still have a legitimate shot @HOME FIELD but can’t let up. SEA need to shore up the RUN DEF for the stretch run to the Superbowl.


St. Louis Rams          10        @        30        Arizona Cardinals      ARZ-6 ½             W

ARZ is playing like a playoff team & STL is going nowhere. Game wasn’t even this close as ARZ was leading 23-3 in the 4th qtr. Palmer had a good day w/no turnovers but STL Clemens had 2ints, including a PICK6. STL needs a QB. 


Carolina Panthers     13        @        31        NO Saints                    NO-3                    W

NO in the dome is the way to go. CAR was stopped early on 2 drives & had to settle for FGS. NO contained CAM in the pocket & only let him run 6x for 48 yds but no damage. Meanwhile Brees connected w/9 diff WRs for the rout.


Dallas Cowboys         28        @        45        Chicago Bears           CHI-1                     W

CHI was a scoring machine as the DAL DEF couldn’t stop anything. DAL ran the ball efficiently but, CHI made some stops they needed to & ran away with the game late in the 2nd qtr. CHI Josh McCown 27/36 348 yds 4 tds 0 ints. 



WEEK 15 

Teams played spoiler when they had nothing else to prove. NO w/their road woes. ATL couldn’t cover. DEN surprised at home by SD. MIA holds off NE & GB great comeback @DAL. FAVS only 7-9. I learned never change a pick, always stick with your 1st choice, ie BALT.                                                                                                   MY PICK


SD Chargers              27        @        20        Denver Broncos         DEN-10 ½              L 

Big upset here as the Broncos suffered their 1st loss @HOME & SD came ready to play. SD shut down DEN in the 2nd qtr. DEN had -1 yd in the 2nd qtr. SD RB Ryan Mathews had a field day 29/127 yds 1td. SD DEF wrecked havoc on DEN OFF as SD kept their playoff chances alive w/the upset.  

Washington Redskins 26      @        27        Atlanta Falcons           ATL-6 ½               L 

ATL up 27-20 give up what looked to be a tying td w/:18 left but WASH went for the 2point conversion instead of the tie. They didn’t make it but they covered as ATL had chances to extend this gm but didn’t. Matt Ryan had 1 int & 1 fumb. WAS Cousins had 3tds, 2 ints 1fumb. WASH had 7 turnovers & still had a chance to win. ATL did not capitalize on all mistakes by WASH as they had their own problems again in the redzone, not converting for tds.  

Chicago Bears           38        @        31        Cleveland Browns      CLEVE+1 ½        L 

After leading CHI 24-17 going into the 4th qtr, CHI then scored 21 straight points to put the game out of reach for CLEVE. It was Jay Cutler’s 1st game back  & after dusting off the rust he ended up having a fine gm. He did have a PICK6 as Jason Campbell did too. CLEVE gave up too much yds to win. Matt Forte ran for 24/127 yds. CLEVE did not take advantage of an opportunity here.  

Arizona Cardinals     37 OT @        34        Tennessee Titans        ARZ-2 ½              W 

ARZ up 34-17 w/6:13 to play let TENN score 17 points inclu recovering an onside kick that ledto the tying td w/:10 to play. ARZ got an int in OT then kicked a fg to win. Fitzpatrick had 2 ints. NO INTS for Palmer as ARZ covers, barely.  

Houston Texans         3          @        25        Indianapolis Colts      INDY-6                W 

HOU can’t do anything right as they lose their 12th in a row. This gm was never close or in doubt for INDY. INDY on the bouceback. Case Keenum had 2 INTS. 

NO Saints                   16        @        27        St. Louis Rams           NO-6                      L 

Road worries for NO as Brees has 2 ints turned into 14 STL points. Brees also had a fumb that led to 3 points. Game was 27-3 in the 4th qtr as NO tried to comeback. STL RB Zac Stacy 28/133 yds 1 td.  

NE Patriots                20        @        24        Miami Dolphins         MIA+1 ½              W 

MIA plays a great game w/a comeback of their own at the end of the game & intercepts Brady in the endzone w/:07 left. Tannehill 25/37 312 yds 3tds 0ints. Wallace 6/105 yds 1 td. Edelman the main man for NE, now that Gronk is out 13/139 yds, 1td. 

Philadelphia Eagles   30        @        48        Minnesota Vikings    PHILLY-5             L 

Even without Peterson & his backup, MINN romped over PHILLY. RB Matt Asiata ran 30 times for 51 yds but scored 3tds. PHILLY let MINN run away with this one when they should have come in & dominated. MINN going nowhere & needs to regroup after the season.  

Seattle Seahawks       23        @        0          NY Giants                  SEA-6 ½               W 

Eli had 5 INTS & the SEA DEF was all over the place. NYG didn’t get over to midfield until into the 4th qtr. The OFF struggled a little bit as they had to kick fgs instead of TDS but, they were playing w/the NYG & it wasn’t even close. SEA #1 in the NFC looks to shore up home field. 

Buffalo Bills               27        @        20        Jacksonville Jaguars JAGS+2                 L 

Chad Henne throws an INT on what could have been the tying td. That’s what Henne is all about, turnovers in the redzone & crunch time. BUFF wins a meaningless game on the road vs JAGS who had been winning as of late.  

SF 49ers                     33        @        14        TB Buccaneers           TB+5 ½                 L 

TB was keeping it close until they decided to play like the old Buccaneers w/ kick off return fumble for a SF td & other miscues that led to the romp. I didn’t think TB would win here only that they would keep it close. 

NY Jets                       20        @        30        Carolina Panthers     CAR-11                 L 

CAR leading 30-13 & JETS get a dummy td that doesn’t mean anything to get a back door cover. GENo threw another PICK6 & JETS had a blocked punt deep in their territory. CAR DEF was all over. CAR OFF seemed stagnated at times & couldn’t run away with the game. Maybe they were thinking of nxt week w/NO. 

KC Chiefs                  56        @        31        Oakland Raiders       KC-5                      W 

After KC was leading 35-10 in the 2nd qtr OAK made a run & closed it to 35-31 before KC exploded for 21 more. Jamaal Charles scored 5tds caught 8/195 yds 4tds. He also ran for 1 more. OAK had 7 turnovers, 4ints by QB McGloin w/a fumb, 1int by Pryor who came in later & 1 fumb by Taiwan Jones. KC had only 1turn, a fumb by Alex Smith. 

GB Packers                37        @        36        Dallas Cowboys         GB+7                     W 

Down 26-3, GB goes into overdrive & the play selection by the Cowboys was completely suspect not to mention Romo’s INTS late in the game that gave GB the opportunity to win which they did. Flynn, 26/39 299 yds 4tds 1int. Eddie Lacy 21/141 yds 1 td. DAL deserved to lose as GB says “it ain’t over til it’s over”. 

Cincinnati Bengals    20        @        30        Pittsburgh Steelers    CINNCY-2 ½        L 

Miscues in the 1st qtr give PITT a lead of 21-0 that CINNCY couldn’t come back on. PITT coasted the rest of the way & CINNCY loses an opportunity to clinch the AFC North. PITT who has been hard to figure w/injuries & inconsistent play this season wins one after dropping two in a row. 

Baltimore Ravens      18        @        16        Detroit Lions             DET-6                     L 

I originally had BALT+6 but changed my pick, bad mistake. Always go with your 1st choice whether it’s picking these games or in life. Anyway, Megatron drops a wide open ball to him & another wide open throw, that was a sign of things to come for DET. BALT didn’t score a td but w/a kicker who kicks 6 fgs including a 61-yarder for the win you don’t need tds. Stafford had 3 ints. DET. Megatron catches the 1st dropped ball & DET scores, their up 14-0 & it changes the game tremendously.